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November 28, 2012

Board Games Growing Up

Growing up, my 2 best friends and I were board game players. You name it, one of us probably had it. It was awesome. Here are a few that we adored playing all the time.

Party Mania
{pic via}

Mall Madness
{pic via}

Dream Phone
{pic via}
{pic via}

13 Dead End Drive
{pic via}

Perfect Wedding
{pic via}

Pretty Pretty Princess
{pic via}

Ask Zandar
{pic via}

{pic via}

Not to mention playing Atari, nintendo, super nintendo, sega and nintendo 64.
We loved mario games.

November 27, 2012

3 years!

Happy 3 years!

Our time together hasn't been 'typical', by any means. But it has been awesome. I would never trade ANY part of our married life. Not even the year long deployment.

I can't wait to spend this anniversary together. I plan on making it one that will make up for us being apart for the last one. I hope that we will never be forced to spend our anniversary apart ever again.

November 20, 2012

White Elephant

This year my family is doing a white elephant between the kids.

{pic via}

I'm looking for useful and cool ideas, rather than gag gifts.
We have a limit of $50-ish dollars.

I have a few ideas, but I'd love to hear your white elephant stories!

Some of my favorite ideas that I've heard:
The leg lamp from A Christmas Story
Grill set, complete with meat, seasoning, tongs and a funny apron
A cordless screwdriver
A set of bungee cords with hook ends
Government bail out kit; ream of paper, lottery tickets and wine
A live beta fish
Homemade fudge

What was the best white elephant gift you've ever stolen/given?

November 19, 2012

Eshakti Review

I'm an obsessive online shopper.  I search for the deals and I can't help but online window shop.

eShakti is a new favorite! They have huge variety of clothing and accessories. The clothing they carry is not only fashionable but the sizes range from 0-26W.  AND you can custom order each item for a small fee. This means that you can choose an item and then choose a neckline or sleeve length, just to start with. Are you measurements different from the stock sample sizes, they cover that customization as well!

Love it!

A about a month ago, eShakti was gracious enough to let me pick out an item to  review from their store & this is what I went with:
{Awesome picture thanks to my work  sista 'T'}

The color is great for this time of year! I'm in love with it.
Well, I really like it.

I took forever to choose the item because I wasn't as impressed with the summer lineup of clothing. Things just weren't my preference. Once the fall line came out I was overwhelmed with the options and things that I loved. 
It helps that Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.
I chose the mustard shirt because of the versatility of having a top. I really wanted one of the many dresses, but I was nervous that I wouldn't get a good opportunity to wear them. 

I've worn it a few times and I'll be honest, it isn't my favorite cut. The baseball line along the bottom is a little awkward because of how deep the curves are. It looks a little funny over a straight bottomed tank, but I'm probably the only one who notices. Also, I should have chosen a different sleeve shape. It cuts into my arms a bit when I try to move. It's not crazy, just a little uncomfortable. I probably should have done a custom order, rather than ordering the standard size. My fault for assuming I'm standard. ;) 

But the customer service was awesome and I got the order way faster than I expected. I think it took about a week, but my timeline is a little blurred due to having taken so long to choose the shirt in the first place.

My shirt is super cute.
The website has great styles.
I'll definitely order from them again.
(Hopefully it will to get an adorable dress.)

All opinions are my own. I was only given the clothing item. I am in no way, shape or form being dishonest in my experience with the company or being compensated to write this review.

November 15, 2012

Pinterest idea

So one morning last week I pulled out one of my work shirts.

Oh, here is a quick picture.
(Lovely, I know)

I love this shirt. I'm currently obsessed with purple and with it being a little short sleeved sweater it's a forever kind of love.

Anyway, I had been avoiding this shirt. Why? because the last time I put it through the wash it went in with my zebra print Snuggie. It's been covered in white fabric pills for about a month.
Well, this morning I remembered a Pin that I saw on Pinterest.

{pic via}

Shave off the sweater pills?! 

So I did.
And I may or may not have used Jake's razor to do it.

That is all.

November 13, 2012

I've Taken A Step

With the support and encouragement from friends and family, I've taken it upon myself to find a counselor. 
It's going to be a new experience and I'd be lying if I said it didn't scare me a little bit.
I don't quite know what to expect from the experience... Or from me, really.

My depression surrounding the deployment was pretty hard for me to deal with, and I'm still finding myself stuck and unable to pull myself fully out of it.
My depression isn't the only issue I'm dealing with, it's just the one that I've been open with here.

The hardest thing is feeling like I've failed. Feeling like I'm not 'normal', even though I know that there is no such thing as 'normal'. I did feel a little closer to 'normal' because I'm not dealing with any of the stigmas of counseling/therapy.
It just goes to show that stigmas are a bunch of crap.

It's not like things are unmanageable, I am just looking for a little unbiased, private, outside perspective on my issues. Some outside help. It's easy to put on a mask and pretend for a few hours, and no one is better at repressing things than I am.

I'm blogging about this because I need to be held accountable. 
I want to hold myself responsible.
I can't ignore it or push it to the background.
I know that I'm not alone. I have the best support system anyone could ask for.

November 12, 2012

Asher's New Harness

Asher has had the same harness for the past... I don't know, forever.
We bought it at the pet accessory store that is at our local mall. He was still growing when we bought it and I didn't want to have to buy another once he was full grown, so I bought it up a size. The velcro closure wasn't the best idea, in hindsight. 

It was falling apart. The valcro had ripped up the netting on either side of the  Asher likes to scratch and had torn the netting on the sides.

Jake and I decided to buy a new harness. I took my time and asked some of the Iggy mom's on my Italian Greyhound forum about the harnesses they use. Thanks to some input from the lovely Iggy moms out there, I ordered the Ruffwear Web Master harness in twilight grey.

The harness had been on back order for quite some time, I just happened to snatch one up on a restocking day on Amazon. (It still took 3 weeks to get it)

Asher hates it.
And I mean hates it...All because there is an extra strap that secures him right below his ribs and he just isn't use to anything being in that area. 
He will have to deal.

Anyway, on day three of using it Jake got Asher ready for his walk and we took a nice walk. On the way back we started running (it's how we try to get all of Asher's zoomies out before we get back to the house) and I noticed Ash hobbling. When we got back inside I checked him to see what was wrong.
This is what I found.

Look closely.

Asher's leg was not in the right place in the harness.
Too funny.

A+ for Jake for the day.

November 8, 2012

Theirs/Mine: Chevron Skirt


{pic via}

I saw the pin, stashed it into my Clothing Galore board, and when I saw a similar skirt at Marshall's, I about fainted.

I even posted about it on my Friday fashion post last week!

It has become a favorite outfit of mine.
Since I completed the outfit, I've worn it to church and work quite a few times.
I wore it to Jake's welcome home ceremony.
I adore it, to say the least.

{wearing the outfit when we had tornado warnings after church one day.}
{ Me, wearing most of the outfit (the jean jacket was on the boat because it was too hot) when I went to Put-in-Bay with WK, Twin, FIL and SMIL.}

Here it is after the welcome home ceremony.

And again in Flordia.

I truly love wearing this outfit.
It's good, no matter the weather.
Well, maybe not in the rain.

Skirt; Seven Jeans, Marshall's, $17
Tee: Target, (back in high school, yikes)

Tank: Marshall's, $5
Jacket: (Wet Seal back in 2004)
Shoes: Target, $7

November 7, 2012

Photos in November

I've been participating on an off.
Check out my instigram account with the little camera button at the top of the blog. 

November 6, 2012


I love that we are a free country. 
My husband had the honor of serving.

But I am so glad that today is the last day of election adds.
It was wearing me out.
No matter who you are voting for, just get out and vote!

November 5, 2012

Removing The Blinders

So many things are coming to light, for me, now that this deployment has been put behind us.

Before, I thought that the deployment was just something that I had to muscle through, not something that would change me.
And yes, I'm talking about me, not Jake.
(Although Jake has changed as well and we have changed, as a couple.)

I probably didn't deal with the deployment the way that I should have.
I didn't take care of myself or my mental health the way that I should have.
I thought that my denial before the deployment was that it was going to happen, but once it was actually happening, I shut down and was in denial that it was even going on.

The thing is, this block of denial was never ending and it tainted a lot of my life, even months beforehand.
I'm sure that I was very difficult to deal with throughout the whole process... If not difficult, than distant. 
It was unintentional.
I wasn't truly aware of myself in that time before Jake left or while he was gone.
I probably should have gone to a therapist then. I was overly opinionated and angry at the world, without realizing that my outlook was so acidic, if you can imagine that being possible. I didn't have much to distract me. I coped well when I was with others, but when I was alone, I slipped quickly into negative place and it took a lot to get me out. I obsessed and over thought situations as a distraction from the place I was. I even avoided thinking about or processing anything that was going on with Jake while he was gone.
Nothing that happened to him effected me until he was home. I, unknowingly, chose not to process anything until he was home.

I was like a horse with those side-blinders on. Plodding my way through the mud.

When Jake got home things were a little worse for a while.
He came home changed, in subtle ways, and I had to catch the changes in order to adapt. Then to pair his changes with my own and work through how we functioned as a couple... 
It was hard and such an eye-opener.
Something other than a baby, which I expected to be our next 'big thing', changed us as individuals and as a couple. That fact alone caught me off guard. I didn't quite know how to cope with any of it.

I can honestly say that that our Flordia vacation was what snapped me out of it. 

Slowly, I'm recuperating. 
Instead of forcing myself out of the house I'm finding myself planning things and going out because I want to. 
I'm truly starting to enjoying life again.

Things are still not quite the same. We are now dealing with Jake working 3rd shift and leaving at 8pm for work. I'm having trouble, on those nights, doing something without him before he goes to work. Then once he is gone I veg out and watch tv, clean or do laundry. 
The other issue is sleeping alone. I'm not sleeping well on the nights Jake works.
I'm hoping that either I will adjust and get use to it soon, or Jake will get switched to 2nd shift.

It's weird to look at myself and how I was and see the fog clearing.

I am changed. I'm different.
I'm not the same person I was 3 years ago, let alone 3 months ago.
I can't quite put my finger on how... But I know it's the truth.
I'm figuring myself out.
I'm a work in progress.

November 2, 2012

Anyone Dropped Cable?

Jake and I have been discissing the pros and cons of dropping cable and keeping our internet connection. 
{pic via}

Has anyone done this?

As of right now we are looking to supliment with Netflix, Hulu and other online and streaming services.
We will possibly get google or apple tv, depending on the information we can find on each.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has made the switch.
What works for you?
Do you still get to see current season shows?
Did it help your budget?

November 1, 2012

Invisalign: Trays 5 and 6

Tray 5:
I didn't notice any visible movement. It kinda sucked. The trays are starting to be the same experience.
Hard to get on the first day. Very mild throbbing headache... (Really it's more of a pressure headache than anything else.) So sorry that the reports are all the same.

Tray 6:
This was a little more interesting. It's week 12 of my treatment and I finally noticed a difference!
My 4 front teeth are positioned differently. Well, really the 2 outside are further away now and I have big gaps next to my front teeth. I almost freaked out because it 'looked so bad'. Praise the lord that my trays cover that up.
I also forgot my trays at home one day. Yeah, brillant. I had sanitized them in my ultrasonic, which runs for 15 minutes.


I rinsed out the trays so that the blue water wouldn't dye them. Then I rushed out the door. Jake was amazing and brought them to me when he came in for 2nd shift. After not wearing the trays for 8 hours, putting them back in hurt terribly.  I thought I was going to cry. The pain went away fast enough, but it was enough to scare me into never forgetting them at home again.

Anyway, today I have an appointment to get my next batch of trays. My Orthodontist gives them to me about 6 at a time.

 I also got sent my video!

That's my predicted movement!
I'm obsessed with watching it. I always try to guess where my teeth are for each tray. Then see where they will go, if anywhere.
Watch it a few times. It's completely fascinating.... Or maybe not.