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October 30, 2012

The Beginning of the End

Jake started his last set of classes yesterday!

Graduation is 10 weeks away.

He is taking his last 4 classes through Thomas Eddison, a very military friendly online university. So, he is taking his one degree required class and three electives. The three extra classes are to put him at the minimum of credit hours to qualify for graduation. Wasted money for us, but I guess just giving away diplomas is frowned upon.

After graduation, Jake will have 2 semesters of organic chemistry to do and then it will be MCAT prep time.
I'm excited. 
Jake is ready.

The scary thing about this whole process is about to start. MCAT courses should be easy enough. Nothing will really change there. But soon it will be application time. I am almost dreading it. I want Jake to be accepted into Ohio State's program so badly. My reasons are completely selfish, I'm not going to lie.

I don't want to move.
 Now, I want to move out of our condo and into an actual house, but I don't want to leave Central Ohio. I've lived here 98% of my life. I don't love the idea of trekking across the country. Jake intends to apply to as many of Ohio's medical schools as he likes/can so that we can stay in state. We are family focused and the idea of moving more than 3 hours away is hard to consider... We will if we have to, but we are praying that everything will work out in our favor.

The next step in our lives is within reach. We are hoping that with a graduation this winter, we (Jake) will be taking the MCAT when it is offered this upcoming spring/summer/fall. (I think OSU only has 2 testing dates a year...)

It's going to be a crazy next couple of months.

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Darby Hawley said...

This is such an exciting time!!! Congrats! You never know, you might get to move somewhere else and end up liking it too ....like Texas ;-)