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October 23, 2012


It's hard describing the personality of a pet.
Cats don't count.
Sorry Ezekiel.

Asher is a trouble maker.
He isn't bad.
But he I guess he isn't a good dog.

Now don't get me wrong, he is a great dog.
He knows a lot of tricks.
He is cuddly by nature.
He is starting to 'talk'.
He is outside and potty pad trained.
He is very loving.
{Sleepy boy}

{He likes to sleep between your legs}


However, he is the most easily excited dog in the world.
{the toy only lasted 2 days}

He doesn't know what personal boundaries are.
He listens, but forgets what he was told about 10 seconds later.
Things that you would say are OK for puppies.
But he is turning 2 this winter.

Why did this all come to light?
Asher stayed at my parent's house while Jake and I went to Flordia.
(I love my parents for watching him.)
Big Sis, B-Rad and Paisley live with them.
When I got home, I was given a breakdown of Asher's week.

He did really great in departments I was worried about.
Like sleeping in his kennel downstairs.
He also was left in the house by himself and didn't destroy or potty on anything.
(I still don't trust him)

But he, evidently, was terrible about listening.
And he was needy.

It's hard hearing that your pet isn't well behaved.
It makes me defensive only because he isn't a bad dog.

I don't really know what to do.
Asher does well with the firm, but very loving manner that Jake and I deal with him.
Other than flipping out with excitement when people come over, or when we see another dog on a walk, He really does well.
Except when you eat food on the couch.
Which I think is a no-no anyway.

I don't know.
I guess I just wanted to complain/share the situation.
We aren't going to take him to training because he responds so well to anything we work with him on.
I guess we just need to get on the ball with some behavioral things.
Maybe I'll start watching Cesar Millan again.

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Darby Hawley said...

Oh I love this video! It's hard to imagine sweet Asher doing anything but wonderful. Based on his report card, I'm certain that he and Tomlin would be the perfect pair!