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October 29, 2012

Lost Band

So as you all know, Jake came home from Afghanistan recently.
Life has slowly, but surely, been getting back to normal.

The plan was a little crazy once we figured out that Jake would be coming home a day earlier than we expected. 
For about 2 hours we were trying to coordinate our 26 family members and airport times.
Needless to say, the day early arrival didn't work for the family members who had asked for the following 2 days off, as well as the holiday weekend.

Collectively, we decided that I would be picking Jake up and we would get the evening to ourselves.
I wasn't upset in the least.

When I got to the airport I hung out with KG's family who was there to pick up RG.
Jake and RG were on the same flight.

While we were all sitting outside of security three soldiers passed us.
We all assumed that they were allowed back, due to their uniforms.
It wasn't until 15 minutes before landing that one of the soldiers stopped by our group and asked us if we were going back to the gate.


We all raced to the airline's desk, suffered through 5 minutes of slow service.
Since there was only one of me, I got through first and hauled butt to security by myself.
Right as I got up to the idenification guard a new security line opened.
I hopped up and in my rush, took off my jewelery and shoes.
I plopped them in a plastic bin and awkwardly tried to go through the metal detector.
The lady asked me to step back and calmly step through.
I told her my husband was coming home from Afghanistan.
She laughed and told me that she understood.
As I walked through she asked them to scan my hands.
Never had to do that before.
I grabbed my stuff and raced to the back of the terminal.

As I came to a stop, the soldiers started stepping through the door.
I dropped my purse and ran into my husband's arms.
He was so handsome!

We kissed.
He wrapped his arms around my waist, picked me up and took me back to where my purse was.
It was cute.
I cried.
No worries, I wasn't a sobbing mess...

I grabbed my bag and started picking out my jewelry to put on.
Clauddah ring 
Engagement ring.
Pandora bracelet.
Dog tags
My wedding band wasn't with everything else.
I started panicking.
I started taking things out of my bag as I was walking.
Jake asked me what I was doing as he kept his arm wrapped around my waist.

'I'm trying to find my wedding band.'
'Was it not with the rest?'
'Yeah. I pulled it all off together. But it's not in the same pocket.'
"At least your engagement ring is there.'

He had me stop by a small deli and use a rail to prop my bag on.
'Just go ahead and take everything out. We have time, don't worry'

So I did.
I took everything out.
Did I mention that it was a giant tote bag?

After looking Jake said that we could dump the whole thing out in the car.
He was pretty calm about it.
We stopped by and asked the security gate to check the line I was in.
They almost took the x-ray machine apart after looking in every single plastic tub.
I left my information and we went to grab Jake's bags.

After we got to the car, I dumped my purse and found nothing.
'It'll show up. It's probably stuck in the lining.'
I wasn't as optimistic.

After a few days of playing phone tag with the airport's lost and found, we have determined that someone had pocketed my wedding band.

I'm disappointed in my typical idiotic tendencies, and sad that my pretty band is gone.
Jake is a little sad that I wont be having the same ring we got married with.
But we are both ready for me to be wearing a wedding band again.
I've taken to wearing my clauddah ring backwards with my engagement ring.
It's just not the same.

My new ring should be here in the next week.

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Rachel said...

Oh, that is so sad that you lost your ring! And at such a moment, too! It's good that you're able to get a new one right away, though! And it's true that at least it wasn't your engagment ring...that one's usually a little pricier! I know I hope I never lose any of my rings, though. I've never been to an airport where you have to take off your jewelry.