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October 24, 2012

Little Letters Link Up

Dear Husband: You are amazing. And strong. And extremely sexy. I adore having you home with me to snuggle with... And take the trash out. And walk the dog. And or a few other unmentionable things. You send my heart a-flutter. I'll write you a sonnet, if it helps. Or how about I'll just do all your laundry instead... And go out with you and your friends...
Dear Work Radio: I do not appreciate hearing the same 12 songs over and over again. I understand that you try to catch your listeners by playing their favorite song.... And that the favorite songs of the moment are annoying. It can't be helped... I just would like a little variation. I'm tired of the 7 Adele songs, Somebody That I Use To Know, Call Me Maybe and a number of songs from the early 2000's.
I know them all now, thanks to you.
I also want to shoot myself when I start singing them at home, thanks to you.
Dear Washing Machine: I'm sorry that we've broken up since Jake came home. I love you. I'll never leave wet laundry in you for more than a week ever again.
Dear Old Car: You suck. We're through. PEACE!
Dear New Car: You scare me. 
I'm sorry that I drove home like a grandma. 
Sorry that I used your brake peddle like a clutch more than once. 
You are amazingly beautiful, and my favorite color. 
Jake will be your main driver, so don't be afraid of me.
 I'll just sit in the passenger seat and love you so, so much
Dear Immune System: You Suck. 
We're through...... Sike.
 Please bulk up. 
I miss you're robust awesomeness. 

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