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October 22, 2012

Invisalign: Trays 3 and 4

I'm pretty glad to say that life with Invisalign has become normal.
No snacking.
Brushing after every meal.
The weird feeling of teeth clicking into place after having the trays on for hours.
The weird movement that happens when the aligner trays are off.

This year isn't going to be as bad and awkward as I first thought.

When I made my appointment for the 'buttons' to be put on, I didn't expect what they turned out being.
They're basically small brackets.
11 of them
One less on the upper right side.
The 'missing' button makes me a little mad... and lopsided.
My teeth, the way that they are, grind on them a little when I close my jaw 'the old way'
It's a really gross feeling because the buttons aren't smooth.
It's similar to the feeling when you get sand in your teeth.
No fun.
It takes strategic eating in order to avoid that feeling.
I chew mostly on the left side of my mouth.

Tray 3:
When I snapped the new tray on, right after my buttons were put on, I had a little trouble getting them on.
After I had things settled I realized that while the front of the trays fit, everything after the buttons didn't.
it was only 2 molars on each side, but the weird suctioning that was going on was annoying.
After about 2 hours they were better.
The trays were tight, but not unbearable.
Until I couldn't get them off for lunch.
I was afraid to take them off.
I though my buttons would come off with them.
So I skipped lunch.
I finally got brave on my break and worked things out.
I ate around 3:45pm.
It was glorious.
After 4 days of wrestling with my trays I finally started getting the hang of them.
I didn't have to excuse myself from the table.
I didn't get spit all over my hands.
I even stopped making weird noises and laughing when I did it.
I looked crazy, I'm sure.
After that it was smooth sailing.

Tray 4:
The tray switch this time was bad only because I was sick.
And have started resenting clicking the trays in and out because my nails are taking a brutal beating. They're chipping and peeling all the time and the only reason I can think of is because of having to pop my trays out all the time and using my nails to do it.
I started keeping my nails nicely painted to see if the added protection would help.
Jury is still out on that one.
Keeping your nails nice and painted is harder than I thought.

Side notes:
In one of the molars of tray 3, I though some of the glue from my buttons got stuck to the tray.
After talking it over with my Orthodontic student, we decided that the little spot of material in one of the points of the tooth spot was meant to be there to help my molar even out, considering it was tilted.
It was questionable for a second, but she unsealed the bag when I was sitting there.
Either that, or it was a manufacturing mistake.
Either way, I wore the aligner for the whole 2 weeks.
There wasn't any trace of the weird material in the three other sets I was given that day.

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