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October 17, 2012

I Call Shotgun!!

Jake and I finally purchased a car.
A reliable, pretty, drivable car.
Nothing special.
Just pretty.

This is Jake's deep blue 2009 Civic.

Those of you who have heard about my car troubles are confused, I'm sure.
"But E, Isn't you car the one that isn't running?"
"Doesn't it have all those stupid issues?" 
"Didn't you have to learn how to drive stick shift while Jake was gone because your car was so dumb?"

Yes, Loves...
My car isn't working.
Heck, we couldn't even drive it to the dealership to trade it in.
It's sitting at some random acquaintance's house because he quoted us too high for a repair and we didn't know what to do.
We're trying to set up someone who would want it for parts.
Or we are scrapping it.
Bummer, right?

Jake's car, not mine.

Whenever we are together, Jake drives.
Jake's manual civic is a 1999 with 134,000-ish miles on it.
It's a great car. 
It will last us quite a while longer.
I mean, it is a Honda.
And it's all mine.

A civic, a sedan, will fit 1-2 car seats.
(my argument for dog crates fell on deaf ears. Once we have kids, Asher wont be traveling much anyway.)
When we get to the point of 2 car seats, I'll get the 'mom car'.
I'm holding out for a nice one, like a Pilot or a newer CR-V.
(We are a  Honda family... Well really, I like Lexus... But I have to be realistic.)
There wasn't much of a point in getting the SUV with where we are at this point in our lives.

The other point; Whenever Jake and I are in the car together, Jake drives.
Even with when my Passat was running, he would still drive.
What sense does it make for the new car to be labeled as mine?
we'll put miles on the car that still has the warranty.
Let the older one with higher miles sit at home the majority of the time.
I have no qualms driving the '99.
I'll drive it myself, what? To and from my parents so I can carpool into work with my sister.
It's a 8 minute drive.
Why not have the old car with high miles be the less used. 
Keep it in good shape, use it less, keep the value.

So there you go.
I'm excited.
It's so nice. 
I kinda want to kiss it.
It's one of my favorite cars in the market right now.
Oh Honda, you had me at used cer

What is you're dream car?


Darby Hawley said...

Yay!!!!! Love the new car!!

Rachel said...

Hurray for getting a new car! Honda Civics are my #1 favorite car--my husband likes the CR-Vs. I've never learned how to drive a manual though--for that reason, which car is Angel's and which car is mine is very distinct because his is a manual. We drive his 02 Neon when we want to save gas and my 96 Lumina when we want to be comfortable. :P