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October 15, 2012

Did You Miss Me?

I took a break.
I went to Flordia with most of Jake's family. 
It was awesome.

Then I took some time to rest from vacation.
I'm back now.

The holiday season is starting.
I'm over the moon.

I missed you though.
Taking a break from reading and blogging was kinda hard.
Work got really boring, but I was determined.

But, I'm back now.
I've decided that I officially love blogging.
I don't just do it because it's a habit I formed at an old, much more boring, job.
I love sharing about my life.
I love interacting with my blog friends and readers.
I love reading about other people's lives.

So I'm officially back.
I hope you are excited.

It has been really interesting adjusting to life with Jake again.
Not interesting as in weird or bad.
It didn't even take a full day to fall back into the peace and comfort Jake and I have with each other.
It was like we were on pause while he was gone.
Interesting in regards to how crazy our schedules have been.

The 'interesting' part has been how busy we have been.

I thank the Lord that we planned a dine in date the first week he was home.
We made spaghetti and watched The Avengers.
{pic via}

It was really nice.

But it seems like every night one of us, if not both, has something planned.
It's getting exhausting.
I pray for nights that I can stay home and clean.
Which translates to watching 3 episodes of Auction Hunters, one episode of Everybody loves Raymond, and whatever special show is on that night while eating PB & J or Ramen.

Jake hates Ramen.
He's insane, I know.
He also only just decided Peanut Butter was OK...
And even then, only the little cracker sandwiches.

Our schedule is crazy.
The holiday season hasn't even started.

I guess I should just buck up and deal with it.
It's not changing any time soon.
And, it's a blessing that he is home.
Mine again.

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Darby Hawley said...

I am SO glad that you two are back together and just loving life with all of your plans. Selfishly though, I'm so glad you're back to blogging! I missed you and the tales of Asher :-) Tomlin has missed her bf