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October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween goes right along with every other holiday for me.
I think the last time I dressed up was 4 years ago, when Jake was in Texas for AIT. I wore his uniform because JJ needed someone else to go trick or treating with him. He was a sailor.
Since then I've skipped dressing up.

It's not that I don't love dressing up. I adore it. It's just that I don't really agree with purchasing a costume that will only be worn once. Costumes from thing you already have? Totally a fan.

I contemplated being a Sim this year... But that was before I found out that Jake had to work 3rd shift (more on that later). Who wants to dress up by them selves? Not me.

So in honor of Halloween, here are some recycled costume ideas for those of us who don't want to purchase a costume.

Let me know which is your favorite.
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{Big Sis and B-Rad... They're naturals}

October 30, 2012

The Beginning of the End

Jake started his last set of classes yesterday!

Graduation is 10 weeks away.

He is taking his last 4 classes through Thomas Eddison, a very military friendly online university. So, he is taking his one degree required class and three electives. The three extra classes are to put him at the minimum of credit hours to qualify for graduation. Wasted money for us, but I guess just giving away diplomas is frowned upon.

After graduation, Jake will have 2 semesters of organic chemistry to do and then it will be MCAT prep time.
I'm excited. 
Jake is ready.

The scary thing about this whole process is about to start. MCAT courses should be easy enough. Nothing will really change there. But soon it will be application time. I am almost dreading it. I want Jake to be accepted into Ohio State's program so badly. My reasons are completely selfish, I'm not going to lie.

I don't want to move.
 Now, I want to move out of our condo and into an actual house, but I don't want to leave Central Ohio. I've lived here 98% of my life. I don't love the idea of trekking across the country. Jake intends to apply to as many of Ohio's medical schools as he likes/can so that we can stay in state. We are family focused and the idea of moving more than 3 hours away is hard to consider... We will if we have to, but we are praying that everything will work out in our favor.

The next step in our lives is within reach. We are hoping that with a graduation this winter, we (Jake) will be taking the MCAT when it is offered this upcoming spring/summer/fall. (I think OSU only has 2 testing dates a year...)

It's going to be a crazy next couple of months.

October 29, 2012

Lost Band

So as you all know, Jake came home from Afghanistan recently.
Life has slowly, but surely, been getting back to normal.

The plan was a little crazy once we figured out that Jake would be coming home a day earlier than we expected. 
For about 2 hours we were trying to coordinate our 26 family members and airport times.
Needless to say, the day early arrival didn't work for the family members who had asked for the following 2 days off, as well as the holiday weekend.

Collectively, we decided that I would be picking Jake up and we would get the evening to ourselves.
I wasn't upset in the least.

When I got to the airport I hung out with KG's family who was there to pick up RG.
Jake and RG were on the same flight.

While we were all sitting outside of security three soldiers passed us.
We all assumed that they were allowed back, due to their uniforms.
It wasn't until 15 minutes before landing that one of the soldiers stopped by our group and asked us if we were going back to the gate.


We all raced to the airline's desk, suffered through 5 minutes of slow service.
Since there was only one of me, I got through first and hauled butt to security by myself.
Right as I got up to the idenification guard a new security line opened.
I hopped up and in my rush, took off my jewelery and shoes.
I plopped them in a plastic bin and awkwardly tried to go through the metal detector.
The lady asked me to step back and calmly step through.
I told her my husband was coming home from Afghanistan.
She laughed and told me that she understood.
As I walked through she asked them to scan my hands.
Never had to do that before.
I grabbed my stuff and raced to the back of the terminal.

As I came to a stop, the soldiers started stepping through the door.
I dropped my purse and ran into my husband's arms.
He was so handsome!

We kissed.
He wrapped his arms around my waist, picked me up and took me back to where my purse was.
It was cute.
I cried.
No worries, I wasn't a sobbing mess...

I grabbed my bag and started picking out my jewelry to put on.
Clauddah ring 
Engagement ring.
Pandora bracelet.
Dog tags
My wedding band wasn't with everything else.
I started panicking.
I started taking things out of my bag as I was walking.
Jake asked me what I was doing as he kept his arm wrapped around my waist.

'I'm trying to find my wedding band.'
'Was it not with the rest?'
'Yeah. I pulled it all off together. But it's not in the same pocket.'
"At least your engagement ring is there.'

He had me stop by a small deli and use a rail to prop my bag on.
'Just go ahead and take everything out. We have time, don't worry'

So I did.
I took everything out.
Did I mention that it was a giant tote bag?

After looking Jake said that we could dump the whole thing out in the car.
He was pretty calm about it.
We stopped by and asked the security gate to check the line I was in.
They almost took the x-ray machine apart after looking in every single plastic tub.
I left my information and we went to grab Jake's bags.

After we got to the car, I dumped my purse and found nothing.
'It'll show up. It's probably stuck in the lining.'
I wasn't as optimistic.

After a few days of playing phone tag with the airport's lost and found, we have determined that someone had pocketed my wedding band.

I'm disappointed in my typical idiotic tendencies, and sad that my pretty band is gone.
Jake is a little sad that I wont be having the same ring we got married with.
But we are both ready for me to be wearing a wedding band again.
I've taken to wearing my clauddah ring backwards with my engagement ring.
It's just not the same.

My new ring should be here in the next week.

October 25, 2012

Sniffle Needs

Anyone else in that boat right now?

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{pic via}

Now, excuse me while I go hibernate wit my puppy.


A few weeks ago Jake and I went on vacation with his family.
At first the idea was really just to get out of the state.
I was excited to get Jake's family on board. 
It would be a chance for them to soak up time as a united family again, without any interruptions.

Things got going and most everyone was on board.
for whatever reasons, I'm still not sure why Twin, Wk and Gabe were unable to go.
That's not be being snarky... 
I just honestly don't know why they couldn't come.
They never talked to me about it.

It was an AWESOME week!
the time together was great.
My reservations about having a 16 month old with us were completely unnecessary.
Noah was so well behaved, even with swimmers ear.

We had great beach time.

We ate out.

We had a kids night out to a bar.

We went to the zoo.

{me, feeding my FAVORITE animal!!!}

We went to the pier.

We wore mustaches on the way home.

It was really a great vacation.

I love vacations.
 I have another one coming up right before the holidays.
It's going to be awesome.

October 24, 2012

Little Letters Link Up

Dear Husband: You are amazing. And strong. And extremely sexy. I adore having you home with me to snuggle with... And take the trash out. And walk the dog. And or a few other unmentionable things. You send my heart a-flutter. I'll write you a sonnet, if it helps. Or how about I'll just do all your laundry instead... And go out with you and your friends...
Dear Work Radio: I do not appreciate hearing the same 12 songs over and over again. I understand that you try to catch your listeners by playing their favorite song.... And that the favorite songs of the moment are annoying. It can't be helped... I just would like a little variation. I'm tired of the 7 Adele songs, Somebody That I Use To Know, Call Me Maybe and a number of songs from the early 2000's.
I know them all now, thanks to you.
I also want to shoot myself when I start singing them at home, thanks to you.
Dear Washing Machine: I'm sorry that we've broken up since Jake came home. I love you. I'll never leave wet laundry in you for more than a week ever again.
Dear Old Car: You suck. We're through. PEACE!
Dear New Car: You scare me. 
I'm sorry that I drove home like a grandma. 
Sorry that I used your brake peddle like a clutch more than once. 
You are amazingly beautiful, and my favorite color. 
Jake will be your main driver, so don't be afraid of me.
 I'll just sit in the passenger seat and love you so, so much
Dear Immune System: You Suck. 
We're through...... Sike.
 Please bulk up. 
I miss you're robust awesomeness. 

October 23, 2012


It's hard describing the personality of a pet.
Cats don't count.
Sorry Ezekiel.

Asher is a trouble maker.
He isn't bad.
But he I guess he isn't a good dog.

Now don't get me wrong, he is a great dog.
He knows a lot of tricks.
He is cuddly by nature.
He is starting to 'talk'.
He is outside and potty pad trained.
He is very loving.
{Sleepy boy}

{He likes to sleep between your legs}


However, he is the most easily excited dog in the world.
{the toy only lasted 2 days}

He doesn't know what personal boundaries are.
He listens, but forgets what he was told about 10 seconds later.
Things that you would say are OK for puppies.
But he is turning 2 this winter.

Why did this all come to light?
Asher stayed at my parent's house while Jake and I went to Flordia.
(I love my parents for watching him.)
Big Sis, B-Rad and Paisley live with them.
When I got home, I was given a breakdown of Asher's week.

He did really great in departments I was worried about.
Like sleeping in his kennel downstairs.
He also was left in the house by himself and didn't destroy or potty on anything.
(I still don't trust him)

But he, evidently, was terrible about listening.
And he was needy.

It's hard hearing that your pet isn't well behaved.
It makes me defensive only because he isn't a bad dog.

I don't really know what to do.
Asher does well with the firm, but very loving manner that Jake and I deal with him.
Other than flipping out with excitement when people come over, or when we see another dog on a walk, He really does well.
Except when you eat food on the couch.
Which I think is a no-no anyway.

I don't know.
I guess I just wanted to complain/share the situation.
We aren't going to take him to training because he responds so well to anything we work with him on.
I guess we just need to get on the ball with some behavioral things.
Maybe I'll start watching Cesar Millan again.

October 22, 2012

Invisalign: Trays 3 and 4

I'm pretty glad to say that life with Invisalign has become normal.
No snacking.
Brushing after every meal.
The weird feeling of teeth clicking into place after having the trays on for hours.
The weird movement that happens when the aligner trays are off.

This year isn't going to be as bad and awkward as I first thought.

When I made my appointment for the 'buttons' to be put on, I didn't expect what they turned out being.
They're basically small brackets.
11 of them
One less on the upper right side.
The 'missing' button makes me a little mad... and lopsided.
My teeth, the way that they are, grind on them a little when I close my jaw 'the old way'
It's a really gross feeling because the buttons aren't smooth.
It's similar to the feeling when you get sand in your teeth.
No fun.
It takes strategic eating in order to avoid that feeling.
I chew mostly on the left side of my mouth.

Tray 3:
When I snapped the new tray on, right after my buttons were put on, I had a little trouble getting them on.
After I had things settled I realized that while the front of the trays fit, everything after the buttons didn't.
it was only 2 molars on each side, but the weird suctioning that was going on was annoying.
After about 2 hours they were better.
The trays were tight, but not unbearable.
Until I couldn't get them off for lunch.
I was afraid to take them off.
I though my buttons would come off with them.
So I skipped lunch.
I finally got brave on my break and worked things out.
I ate around 3:45pm.
It was glorious.
After 4 days of wrestling with my trays I finally started getting the hang of them.
I didn't have to excuse myself from the table.
I didn't get spit all over my hands.
I even stopped making weird noises and laughing when I did it.
I looked crazy, I'm sure.
After that it was smooth sailing.

Tray 4:
The tray switch this time was bad only because I was sick.
And have started resenting clicking the trays in and out because my nails are taking a brutal beating. They're chipping and peeling all the time and the only reason I can think of is because of having to pop my trays out all the time and using my nails to do it.
I started keeping my nails nicely painted to see if the added protection would help.
Jury is still out on that one.
Keeping your nails nice and painted is harder than I thought.

Side notes:
In one of the molars of tray 3, I though some of the glue from my buttons got stuck to the tray.
After talking it over with my Orthodontic student, we decided that the little spot of material in one of the points of the tooth spot was meant to be there to help my molar even out, considering it was tilted.
It was questionable for a second, but she unsealed the bag when I was sitting there.
Either that, or it was a manufacturing mistake.
Either way, I wore the aligner for the whole 2 weeks.
There wasn't any trace of the weird material in the three other sets I was given that day.

October 17, 2012

I Call Shotgun!!

Jake and I finally purchased a car.
A reliable, pretty, drivable car.
Nothing special.
Just pretty.

This is Jake's deep blue 2009 Civic.

Those of you who have heard about my car troubles are confused, I'm sure.
"But E, Isn't you car the one that isn't running?"
"Doesn't it have all those stupid issues?" 
"Didn't you have to learn how to drive stick shift while Jake was gone because your car was so dumb?"

Yes, Loves...
My car isn't working.
Heck, we couldn't even drive it to the dealership to trade it in.
It's sitting at some random acquaintance's house because he quoted us too high for a repair and we didn't know what to do.
We're trying to set up someone who would want it for parts.
Or we are scrapping it.
Bummer, right?

Jake's car, not mine.

Whenever we are together, Jake drives.
Jake's manual civic is a 1999 with 134,000-ish miles on it.
It's a great car. 
It will last us quite a while longer.
I mean, it is a Honda.
And it's all mine.

A civic, a sedan, will fit 1-2 car seats.
(my argument for dog crates fell on deaf ears. Once we have kids, Asher wont be traveling much anyway.)
When we get to the point of 2 car seats, I'll get the 'mom car'.
I'm holding out for a nice one, like a Pilot or a newer CR-V.
(We are a  Honda family... Well really, I like Lexus... But I have to be realistic.)
There wasn't much of a point in getting the SUV with where we are at this point in our lives.

The other point; Whenever Jake and I are in the car together, Jake drives.
Even with when my Passat was running, he would still drive.
What sense does it make for the new car to be labeled as mine?
we'll put miles on the car that still has the warranty.
Let the older one with higher miles sit at home the majority of the time.
I have no qualms driving the '99.
I'll drive it myself, what? To and from my parents so I can carpool into work with my sister.
It's a 8 minute drive.
Why not have the old car with high miles be the less used. 
Keep it in good shape, use it less, keep the value.

So there you go.
I'm excited.
It's so nice. 
I kinda want to kiss it.
It's one of my favorite cars in the market right now.
Oh Honda, you had me at used cer

What is you're dream car?

October 15, 2012

Did You Miss Me?

I took a break.
I went to Flordia with most of Jake's family. 
It was awesome.

Then I took some time to rest from vacation.
I'm back now.

The holiday season is starting.
I'm over the moon.

I missed you though.
Taking a break from reading and blogging was kinda hard.
Work got really boring, but I was determined.

But, I'm back now.
I've decided that I officially love blogging.
I don't just do it because it's a habit I formed at an old, much more boring, job.
I love sharing about my life.
I love interacting with my blog friends and readers.
I love reading about other people's lives.

So I'm officially back.
I hope you are excited.

It has been really interesting adjusting to life with Jake again.
Not interesting as in weird or bad.
It didn't even take a full day to fall back into the peace and comfort Jake and I have with each other.
It was like we were on pause while he was gone.
Interesting in regards to how crazy our schedules have been.

The 'interesting' part has been how busy we have been.

I thank the Lord that we planned a dine in date the first week he was home.
We made spaghetti and watched The Avengers.
{pic via}

It was really nice.

But it seems like every night one of us, if not both, has something planned.
It's getting exhausting.
I pray for nights that I can stay home and clean.
Which translates to watching 3 episodes of Auction Hunters, one episode of Everybody loves Raymond, and whatever special show is on that night while eating PB & J or Ramen.

Jake hates Ramen.
He's insane, I know.
He also only just decided Peanut Butter was OK...
And even then, only the little cracker sandwiches.

Our schedule is crazy.
The holiday season hasn't even started.

I guess I should just buck up and deal with it.
It's not changing any time soon.
And, it's a blessing that he is home.
Mine again.

October 12, 2012

Fall Love

I found this picture on Pinterest and I LOVE it.
I'm obsessed with purple right now.

{pic via}
Fall Love

Sheer top / Old Navy denim jeans / Low heel shoes / Wallis floral scarve / Purple scarve / Ribbed Lace Cami


October 5, 2012

Monotone Fashion

Wallis batwing sweater / Wallis navy top / Old Navy jacket / Charlotte Russe one button blazer / Dorothy Perkins denim skinny jeans / Old Navy skinny jeans / Dorothy Perkins navy wedge / Dorothy Perkins navy espadrille / Couture shoes, $49 / Mix No. 6 navy wedge