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September 12, 2012

Welcome Home

It was a pretty crazy week last week.
We got information about the unit's traveling on Tuesday.
I'm sure it came only after multiple disgruntled emails, I know KG and I sent one each, demanding information so we cold plan something for getting the boys home.
First they told us that they would be coming home on Wednesday and that no on was allowed to greet them at the airport.
Damage control was necessary.
Then not even an hour after that email was sent, another was sent saying that we could.
The soldiers could even go home for the night.

About a month ago we were told they would be arriving Thursday or Friday.
no one in my family planned for Wednesday.

Because of this and all the stress that came up with trying to get Wednesday off, I went to the airport alone to pick Jake up.
It was nice because Jake doesn't really like being the center of attention, so with the two we smiled at people who thanked him for his service, then we bolted.

We wanted to, at least.

We were delayed by me losing my wedding band.
Yeah, I was given only 10 minutes to get through security and went on autopilot.
shoes off, jewelery off, empty pockets, purse bin, ipad bin, bust my way calmly walk through the security check.
I didn't even think to keep my rings on.
off they came.
Then I speed walked to the end of the hallway to get to Jake's gate right as he stepped through the door.

We hugged.
I cried...
For a second.
I was too happy.

{Jake was insistent on driving home}
I love that man.

Jake didn't sleep very well.
(Don't take it there.... Dirty minds. Partially accurate, but dirty!)
The cat was too excited and kept knocking things off furniture in the bedroom.
Jake is still a little jumpy.
Jake waking up multiple times was the result.za

But we got up early and went to get breakfast before the official unit welcome home ceremony with the whole family.
{Jake at Bob's... I wish you could see the eggs he was eating. It blew my mind.}
 We got to the ceremony venue and the nieces and nephews started showing up!
{Paisley with the kid's sign}
{Gabe and Noah holding the sign 'they made'.}

{Paisley seeing Jake for the first time... And the only picture of me from the whole day}

{Jake seeing Noah, SIL and Math for the first time!}

{Jake holding Gabe for the first time}
{The twins and Gabe}

After the ceremony we all went home to change, nap and let dogs out.
Then we met up for some swimming and family hang out.
Once it hit after work time the whole family gathered to celebrate Jake coming home and getting back to normal.
It was awesome.

These are the only pictures I got... 
I was too busy enjoying having my husband home to remember to take any more.
Sorry, Loves.


Phil and Darby Hawley said...

I might be a sap, but this post made me cry (in a good way). I'm soooo happy that you two are back together (physically)!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

How wonderful that he is home~! Enjoy your time!