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September 25, 2012

My Invisalign Tools

 As a new Invisalign user, I decided that I needed certain things on hand in order to be the most prepared adult braces wearer in the world. 
I want these next 15 months to go as smoothly as possible.
I want it to seem like just another thing that I do daily, not like an annoyance.

So far, so good.

In order to feel like I was on top of my game I decided that I wanted to make some kits to stash places. 
When I went grocery shopping I picked up a few little things to get the ball rolling.

I feel that in order to be prepared I needed multiple tool kits, just in case I lost one.

What's in the bags:
Travel Advil
Travel tooth brush and toothpaste
Dental floss

I have had an interesting time trying to find out cute bags/cases I could carry easily.
I finally broke down a few days ago and bought some Thirty-One Gifts mini zipper pouches.
I don't have them yet, but here are some pictures of the ones I purchased.
(I know that they will fit everything I need because I use one to carry all my connector and charging cords.)

I also decided to purchase a sonic cleaner.
After reading many reviews, I decided to go with the SonicBrite cleaning system.
I don't use it as my only cleaning device, but as a step in my aligner cleaning routine.
I like it.

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