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September 19, 2012

Knowing Me!

Some bloggies I follow have been posting fact type posts and I decided to follow suit.

Things that help you know the real me a little better:

{This is my internal/mental attitude 90% of the time.}

  • I'm obsessed with Ramen. I can have it any day, any time and never get sick of it.
  • I'm a TV junkie. I have a constant 3 shows that I watch each season.... If there are even 'seasons' anymore. My favorites; New Girl, Once Upon a Time, Glee, The Voice, SYTYCD, Smash and Drop Dead Diva. This doesn't even count re-runs.... Everybody Loves Raymond, Mythbusters, my list could go on and on!
  • I think I'm in love with my DVR. No commercials! I hardly ever watch live TV now... And if it is on live I find something to do so that I can pause it and FF through the commercials to catch up.
  • I am a person who gets excited for other people's ideas. I'm big on helping out friends/family when it comes to things like home businesses, hosting catalog parties, helping with research for crafting projects, promoting. I love being a help to the people that I care about.
  • I'm a people pleaser and a peace keeper. I see nothing wrong with accommodating others if it helps things go smoother and it's no real trouble to me.  Some people see that as me being a pushover, and they are entitled to their opinion... Just don't be surprised when I do put my foot down about the things that I feel strongly about. I'm not afraid of duking it out... I just prefer not to.
  • I don't really enjoy children ages 4-16. (Family doesn't count.) I never babysat because I knew I'd just get annoyed with the children involved, and I didn't think it was worth the money.
  • I have very mild adult ADD.  My mom and brother have it, and I have an issue with my attention span and losing track of time.  
  • I'm a PC game nerd. I've played Warcraft, World of Warcraft, Diablo I and II, Command and Conquer, Sims, Ages of Empires, Civilization, Castle of the Winds (windows 3 game), Empire Builders- Ancient Egypt, The Island of Dr. Brain... And when I say that I played them... I probably played each of them for about a year, if not longer.
  • I have been taking vocal lessons for the past 3 years.  I have confidence and nerve issues and so I don't think that my vocal talents will ever really be used... This doesn't please my vocal coach. He keeps trying to get me to schedule gigs and get involved with crazy things.... I'm just like, 'Nah, I'm too busy'... Then I go sit on my couch and watch 3 episodes of Drop Dead Diva and complain when I get 'overlooked' in my thearte group. I'm dumb like that.
  • I have very strong Christian roots, but my personal faith wasn't excited enough to dive into the bible until I met Jake and his family. I read my children's bible and watched the Bible Animated Classics all the time. I knew the stories, I believed them... It was a blind faith kind of thing. I'm excited about it now and love finding myself and the Lord in the pages of the bible.
  • I grew up with watching musicals. Talk about a heavy influence! No wonder I love musical theaetre so much. My favorite movie was and will always be Singing in the Rain. I think I've seen Flower Drum Song more times than anyone could care to admit. Fred Astaire is the original gentleman. Oklahoma was beyond cool, even if the ballet scene did scare me. Julie Andrews is my musical vocal idol. Barbara Streisand can do no wrong. Howard Keel was a bad mamma-jamma.  Katherine Grayson couldn't have been a real person, she was too perfect. Ann Miller is a dancer first. I could go on and on...Grace Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Dean Martin, Debbie Reynolds...... and on and on and on......Aaah Golden Hollywood!
  • I hate/fear sea food. Minus fried and bread battered fish, fish sticks style.
  • I'm not squeamish. I may not enjoy violent and gore when it comes to movies and TV, but I react really well in emergency/gross situations. I can eat through a discussion about anything.... Gotta love family working in the medical field. Except needles. I hate needles. Loathe them, really.

I'd love for you to comment with something about you and a link to your blog so I can learn more about you wonderful people who have awesome taste in reading my little blog! 


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I would have never pegged you as a gamer! I went through a brief Sims obsession in college, but that's about it.

I also hate seafood!

April @ Red-Dirt-Mama.com said...

Found your blog through the Creating Community link-up! I too am super shy about my voice. I was too afraid to sing in GSR's (general student recitals) in college and never tried for any solos in choir. I regret that now, because there are little to no opportunities to sing anymore. I miss it more than words can say.