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September 6, 2012

Invisalign: Tray 1 and 2

So today wraps up my first set of trays.
I've decided that I want to post about my Invisalign adventure every once in a while.
I haven't really decided how often.
I switch trays every 2 weeks.
I've been trying to find some blogs that have posted about their Invisalign experiences and all of them are teenagers.
So who knows, Maybe I'll be one of the very few adults who can offer my perspective.
It's kinda weird to think about blogging about my teeth. 
I mean really, other people's mouths are pretty gross.
I am even starting to think that my mouth is pretty gross, and my dental hygienist thinks I have a beautiful oral health.

Tray 1:
I was told by my orthodontist that the first set of trays weren't really treatment trays. They were just a mold of my current placement. This was to ensure that I got use to the discomfort of wearing the trays.
I think that it's pretty crappy if that's true.
 I want to jump start things, not have to sit through 2 weeks of not getting anything done. I'll wear my trays even if it means migraines. I paid for them didn't I?

The first two days were uncomfortable, for sure.
Nothing cry worthy, just a little distracting.
I just chose to take ibuprofen and remain as comatose as possible. That meant catching up on all the Olympic events I had DVR'd.
The good thing was that I had been using a night guard for the past 2 years due to clenching my teeth while I slept. So the top tray was cake.
Once I got to day 6 I was so tired of wearing them that I contemplated changing the trays early. 
I wasn't in any pain.
The trays were annoying and I was a little bitter thinking that they weren't really doing anything other than slipping around.
(I use my chewie constantly to keep the trays in place)

I wore them for 9 days total.
I wanted to be sure to have them changed and into day 3 or 4 when Jake got home.
Plus, they were really annoying.

I didn't mind getting into the routine of brushing after every meal, soaking them when I was in the shower or washing my face, no snacking and only being able to drink water with the trays in.
It  really wasn't a lot to get use to.
I mean, the no snacking thing sucked.
I could have snacked... But I'm too lazy to brush my teeth after every little thing I wanted to nosh on.

Tray 2:
I changed trays on day 9 (Friday night) after dinner.
I took 3 ibuprofen just to be sure.
I was nervous, gimme a break.
They were uncomfortable, for sure, but it wasn't terrible.
I was surprised.
I expected the trays to be painful.
For a few hours I thought that maybe these trays were thinner than the last pair.
No, my teeth were just really sensitive.
Whenever I took them off I could tell you exactly which tooth was being moved with the new trays.
Around day 6 of Tray 2 I started noticing gaps in my teeth that were new.
At first glance I though I had food stuck in my teeth.
It was a little weird.
And, my trays were annoying again.

So now it's later in the week. I'm going on day 12 and I'm back to being severely annoyed with my trays.

Today, I have an appointment to get me new set of trays, and to get 'buttons' put on.
The 'buttons' are the little tooth colored attachments that are used as a handle to help move a more challenging tooth.
I am a little nervous that they will be noticeable when I smile.
Kinda really nervous about it, really.

Later Gators!

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