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September 24, 2012

Emmy Awards Red Carpet 2012

It's that time again!
Red Carpet opinions.
let me know your most and least favorite looks of the night, even if I didn't include them in the post.
I'm so excited to be back with beautiful, and not so beautiful dresses.

Sorry about the size of this post... I got a little carried away.

Not so Great:

{I see the 1920's inspiration... But the darts/waistline is just sad looking.}

{This is unfortunate... and put you 'angie leg' away.}

{I HATE this. The cutouts, the weird chest area... It's just a bad attempt at being fashion forward.} 

{I like the skirt shape, and the yellow. But the long sleeve and the lack of  necklace makes me not like it.}

{That waistline darting is just unfortunate.}

{No. Just no.}

{The dress isn't that bad. The addition of pockets totally screwed the fit up. so it looks terrible.}

{WHAT is this?! NOOOOO.}

{I wish it wasn't the color of her skin., and that the top would fit her correctly. Different angled pictures are cringe-worthy.}

{She needs to stop choosing straight skirts.}
{I love this dress for a black tie wedding... Not a red carpet event}

{Love the dress, hate the matching hair}

{I adore the vintage feel. Love it.}

{This dress is so interesting. I love the volume and detail.}

{Yes! Love this!}

{Yay Tina!}

{This is pretty amazing. I love the simple details}

{I love the print. Simple silhouettes and busy print is the way to go!}

{She looks like a disco ball... But for some reason I love it!}

{I love the simplicity of this dress. And the pockets.}

The Best of the Best!!:

{I really love this dress.}

{I love the gold with the awesome blue overlay! It's such a great effect!}

{I just adore this dress! The color is amazing and the cut is so simple. It's great}

{This is yellow done right! Simple, flattering, And interesting}

{This is so great! It doesn't blend in with her skin, the detailing is eye-catching. I love it!}
My Favorite!!!
{It's dramatic. The color is amazing. The cut is awesome. Hands down, this is the best of the night for me.}
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