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September 28, 2012

Holiday Swap Goodies!

My swap partner for Darby's stocking swap was Kellyn.
It was really interesting reading about her travels on her blog, The BUZZ From The Road.
It was fun shopping for her, so I hope she likes what I got her for her stocking.

Monday I came home from work to this lovely thing!

{I had no idea what I ordered from Pampered Chef... But it was my swap box!!!}


{spa goodies, herringbone pedicure set, orniments, Would You Rather Card Game, cute bobbypins.} 

{stationary, fun crochet kit, bath crystals, earrings, iTunes gift card,  purse mate, white  stocking}
The candy is almost gone.
I've already worn the earrings.
I'm soooooo tempted to save the herringbone pedicure thing for when I leave for vacation.
The bobby pins are adorable and I'm already trying to pair them with outfits I have....
(Or maybe buy a new one just for them!)
iTunes = used.
Bath crystals will be put to use once my bathtub gets fixed.
Ornaments were dated and put in my ornament organizer!
I'm working up the guts to stash a Purse Mate in my bag... I'm determined to get over myself and use it at work.
The crochet kit is going to be put away for a rainy day. 
I already busted out the card game. 
Soo funny.

So there you have it!
I'm so thankful to have 'met' Kellyn and hear about the wonderful holiday traditions that her family shares.
This was such a fun experience. 
I adore giving gifts to people.

I hope this kicked your Christmas ideas into gear. 
There isn't much time left people.
Monday, we will be into OCTOBER!

Outfit Crush

Dorothy Perkins long sleeve top / Long sleeve top / Zipper jeans / Charlotte Russe ballerina flat / Wet Seal chain necklace / With Love From CA short necklace / Forever 21 necklace

September 27, 2012

I Just Want To Take A Bath

Since June, our shower faucet has been stuck in the up position.
Stuck in the shower position.

Our landlord lives over 2 hours away.
They have given us permission to replace the faucet and send them the reciept in order to get refunded the money.
I'm lazy.
KG and I didn't want to do it ourselves.
We waited until the boys got home.

Jake and I haven't had the time to fix it.

It's fall.
I'm sick.
I want to take a bath.
A nice, long, steaming hot bath.
With something awesome smelling.

We can't fix the faucet thing until next paycheck.
I'm sad.

That is all.

In honor of my out-of-reach-for-now bath time, I give you awesome tubs.
Thank you Pinterest.

September 26, 2012

September Book Club

Book Club fail.
I didn't get to read Bossy Pants this month.

Life has been hectic. 
Jake came home.
I got sick.
(I blame Jake for getting the flu shot.)
I'm over-booked and under-rested.

I'm so sad about this. 
It's my first book club fail since we started.
I've heard 99.9% good things about the book.
I bought it.
I'll be reading it before the end of the year.....
If things settle down and I get a chance to breathe.

Anyone else get crazy book club fail guilt?

Aw well, there is always next month.

September 25, 2012

My Invisalign Tools

 As a new Invisalign user, I decided that I needed certain things on hand in order to be the most prepared adult braces wearer in the world. 
I want these next 15 months to go as smoothly as possible.
I want it to seem like just another thing that I do daily, not like an annoyance.

So far, so good.

In order to feel like I was on top of my game I decided that I wanted to make some kits to stash places. 
When I went grocery shopping I picked up a few little things to get the ball rolling.

I feel that in order to be prepared I needed multiple tool kits, just in case I lost one.

What's in the bags:
Travel Advil
Travel tooth brush and toothpaste
Dental floss

I have had an interesting time trying to find out cute bags/cases I could carry easily.
I finally broke down a few days ago and bought some Thirty-One Gifts mini zipper pouches.
I don't have them yet, but here are some pictures of the ones I purchased.
(I know that they will fit everything I need because I use one to carry all my connector and charging cords.)

I also decided to purchase a sonic cleaner.
After reading many reviews, I decided to go with the SonicBrite cleaning system.
I don't use it as my only cleaning device, but as a step in my aligner cleaning routine.
I like it.

September 24, 2012

Emmy Awards Red Carpet 2012

It's that time again!
Red Carpet opinions.
let me know your most and least favorite looks of the night, even if I didn't include them in the post.
I'm so excited to be back with beautiful, and not so beautiful dresses.

Sorry about the size of this post... I got a little carried away.

Not so Great:

{I see the 1920's inspiration... But the darts/waistline is just sad looking.}

{This is unfortunate... and put you 'angie leg' away.}

{I HATE this. The cutouts, the weird chest area... It's just a bad attempt at being fashion forward.} 

{I like the skirt shape, and the yellow. But the long sleeve and the lack of  necklace makes me not like it.}

{That waistline darting is just unfortunate.}

{No. Just no.}

{The dress isn't that bad. The addition of pockets totally screwed the fit up. so it looks terrible.}

{WHAT is this?! NOOOOO.}

{I wish it wasn't the color of her skin., and that the top would fit her correctly. Different angled pictures are cringe-worthy.}

{She needs to stop choosing straight skirts.}
{I love this dress for a black tie wedding... Not a red carpet event}

{Love the dress, hate the matching hair}

{I adore the vintage feel. Love it.}

{This dress is so interesting. I love the volume and detail.}

{Yes! Love this!}

{Yay Tina!}

{This is pretty amazing. I love the simple details}

{I love the print. Simple silhouettes and busy print is the way to go!}

{She looks like a disco ball... But for some reason I love it!}

{I love the simplicity of this dress. And the pockets.}

The Best of the Best!!:

{I really love this dress.}

{I love the gold with the awesome blue overlay! It's such a great effect!}

{I just adore this dress! The color is amazing and the cut is so simple. It's great}

{This is yellow done right! Simple, flattering, And interesting}

{This is so great! It doesn't blend in with her skin, the detailing is eye-catching. I love it!}
My Favorite!!!
{It's dramatic. The color is amazing. The cut is awesome. Hands down, this is the best of the night for me.}
All pictures via

September 21, 2012

Buckeye Fan

Buckeye Blood!!!!!

Buckeye Fan

Black tee / Short sleeve tunic / Almost Famous embroidered jeans / TOMS flat heels / Logos jewelry / Logos jewelry

I may fall asleep during the games, but I'm still a Buckeye.

September 19, 2012

Knowing Me!

Some bloggies I follow have been posting fact type posts and I decided to follow suit.

Things that help you know the real me a little better:

{This is my internal/mental attitude 90% of the time.}

  • I'm obsessed with Ramen. I can have it any day, any time and never get sick of it.
  • I'm a TV junkie. I have a constant 3 shows that I watch each season.... If there are even 'seasons' anymore. My favorites; New Girl, Once Upon a Time, Glee, The Voice, SYTYCD, Smash and Drop Dead Diva. This doesn't even count re-runs.... Everybody Loves Raymond, Mythbusters, my list could go on and on!
  • I think I'm in love with my DVR. No commercials! I hardly ever watch live TV now... And if it is on live I find something to do so that I can pause it and FF through the commercials to catch up.
  • I am a person who gets excited for other people's ideas. I'm big on helping out friends/family when it comes to things like home businesses, hosting catalog parties, helping with research for crafting projects, promoting. I love being a help to the people that I care about.
  • I'm a people pleaser and a peace keeper. I see nothing wrong with accommodating others if it helps things go smoother and it's no real trouble to me.  Some people see that as me being a pushover, and they are entitled to their opinion... Just don't be surprised when I do put my foot down about the things that I feel strongly about. I'm not afraid of duking it out... I just prefer not to.
  • I don't really enjoy children ages 4-16. (Family doesn't count.) I never babysat because I knew I'd just get annoyed with the children involved, and I didn't think it was worth the money.
  • I have very mild adult ADD.  My mom and brother have it, and I have an issue with my attention span and losing track of time.  
  • I'm a PC game nerd. I've played Warcraft, World of Warcraft, Diablo I and II, Command and Conquer, Sims, Ages of Empires, Civilization, Castle of the Winds (windows 3 game), Empire Builders- Ancient Egypt, The Island of Dr. Brain... And when I say that I played them... I probably played each of them for about a year, if not longer.
  • I have been taking vocal lessons for the past 3 years.  I have confidence and nerve issues and so I don't think that my vocal talents will ever really be used... This doesn't please my vocal coach. He keeps trying to get me to schedule gigs and get involved with crazy things.... I'm just like, 'Nah, I'm too busy'... Then I go sit on my couch and watch 3 episodes of Drop Dead Diva and complain when I get 'overlooked' in my thearte group. I'm dumb like that.
  • I have very strong Christian roots, but my personal faith wasn't excited enough to dive into the bible until I met Jake and his family. I read my children's bible and watched the Bible Animated Classics all the time. I knew the stories, I believed them... It was a blind faith kind of thing. I'm excited about it now and love finding myself and the Lord in the pages of the bible.
  • I grew up with watching musicals. Talk about a heavy influence! No wonder I love musical theaetre so much. My favorite movie was and will always be Singing in the Rain. I think I've seen Flower Drum Song more times than anyone could care to admit. Fred Astaire is the original gentleman. Oklahoma was beyond cool, even if the ballet scene did scare me. Julie Andrews is my musical vocal idol. Barbara Streisand can do no wrong. Howard Keel was a bad mamma-jamma.  Katherine Grayson couldn't have been a real person, she was too perfect. Ann Miller is a dancer first. I could go on and on...Grace Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Dean Martin, Debbie Reynolds...... and on and on and on......Aaah Golden Hollywood!
  • I hate/fear sea food. Minus fried and bread battered fish, fish sticks style.
  • I'm not squeamish. I may not enjoy violent and gore when it comes to movies and TV, but I react really well in emergency/gross situations. I can eat through a discussion about anything.... Gotta love family working in the medical field. Except needles. I hate needles. Loathe them, really.

I'd love for you to comment with something about you and a link to your blog so I can learn more about you wonderful people who have awesome taste in reading my little blog! 

September 17, 2012

It's STILL Alive!

Remember how it sprouted it's little green leaves?

Check it out!

Because of my success, Oma gave me a house plant...
We'll see how long it lasts....