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August 2, 2012

My Green Thumb

So you remember my post about the house number pot?


Check it out.

Ok, so thinking that I'm totally awesome and can keep plants alive (HA!) I decided to put something in the pot.
It can't just sit empty on my porch.
Or can it?

Anyway here is the little story with that.

So, I was doing the quick walk through of our local Deals store, buying things to toss in a care package for the hubs and I saw that they carried starter soil.
You know, the stuff that you start your seeds in before you transport them into the actual pot.
It was only a dollar.
I bought two little bags.

Being the genius that I am I plopped those two bags into the pot and put seeds under the customary 2 inches of soil.
I'm not completely dumb.
I waited.
I watered.
I waited and watered.
2 full weeks passed.
I thought 'Hm, maybe the seeds were too old...'

So I went and bought some bulbs to put in my cute pot.
No, I didn't take the hint.
I watered my bulbs.
I waited.
I made sure sun conditions were correct.
I watered.
I waited.
2 weeks after that, I was mad.

I put the dang soil stuff in. I watered it, what the heck was happening.
Or wasn't, as the case would be.

I started digging in the pot and couldn't find a trace of the little seeds that I put in there.

With a huff, I threw my clean, new gardening gloves on the porch and drove to Meijer to grab a bag of soil.
Real soil.

Check out the progress.
This is one week after the new soil.

Yay! I'm so excited. I can't wait to have a little color popping up.
I'll update when things are pretty and wonderful.

Anyone else have gardening woes?
Or a black thumb?
*raises hand*


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I kill pretty much every plant I touch. For three years now I've tried to have gorgeous flower window boxes and every year it's a flop. This years ailments? Bugs. I've tried two different sprays and can't get rid of them!

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Yay!!! It's growing! And that pot still looks awesome!