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August 16, 2012

Invisalign Beginning

So, on the 15th I was fitted for my Invisalign braces.
I went for my initial appointment a few weeks ago.
The imaging process was a little intense.

2 weeks later I was asked to come back in and watch the little video of my progression from the first tray, to the last.
It was pretty intimidating.
I'm going to be going through 37 trays.
Changing trays every 2 weeks.
My last tray will be put in on New Years Day, 2014.
Hey, it's pretty weird how that worked out.
I will, maybe, be able to skip a day here and there if things go well.
So maybe I'll be done sooner...
We'll see.

I was suprised at how my teeth looked in the little video afterward.
I'm a little nervous, because toward the end of the trays I'm going to be sporting a Madonna gap.
It's to help with the alignment of my molars because they're tilted inward.
We'll see how that works out.

I'll see if I can get the video of my shifting to put up for my next update.

We scheduled an appointment 4 weeks after so that the trays could get ordered and get here.
When I went into my appointment I prepped by taking some advil.
This girl knows when to give in and take some minor painkillers.

I sat in the chair and was given a rundown of the trays.

Wear trays 22 hours a day.
Keep all the trays, you may have to go back and forth between trays.
(storing old trays in a plastic bag in the freezer will keep bacteria growth to a minimum)
Only place trays in their case, pets and trash love them.
Take out when eating food. Brush and floss before replacing them.
Soak trays in mouthwash/cleaner for 15 minutes a week.
No toothpaste on trays because it's too abrasive.
It's best to change aligner trays before going to bed. This gives you 6+ hours to wear them without taking a break while sleeping.

Being the research buff that I am, I knew most of this before I went to my appointment.
I mean, honestly, I was already trying to find cute cases and kits that I could make and carry in my purse with me.
Once I get one made up for myself, I'll share it.

Things that I've come to realize since I've gotten my trays put on:
I play with my teeth more than I realized.
When all your gaps are blocked by offending plastic, you cant make little squeaky noises.
I guess I did that a ton.

I need snacks taken away from me.

The plastic is very smooth. I've been running my tongue over these things since I got them.

The first set of trays are just molds of your current teeth. It's to get you use to the pressure of having the trays in all the time.
The sensitivity/ache sets in hour 6-24.
We'll see how I feel in 2 weeks when I am actually wearing the treatment trays.

My top teeth are taking the offensive trays better due to having a night guard for the past 2 years.
Bottom teeth, not so much.

I have a lisp now.

Because of my teeth pressing up against plastic, I now want to whiten my teeth.

I can't bite my lips, which is good, but driving me completely nuts.

I like chewing on the little activators.

Here are some pictures:
Just after getting them put in.
{You really can't tell from far away.}
My teeth
{You know you love me}
I love chewing on the activators!
{I was one of those kids who chewed on straws when I was younger.}

I'll try to condense the updates so that I'm not only talking about my teeth... I know that it can be a little weird, staring at them.

It's going to be an interesting year and 3 months.

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