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August 21, 2012

Interesting Things That Happened

It's getting close to time for Jake to be home.
I'm talking single digits here people!

it made me think of the truly ironic/funny things that have happened these past few months.

You see, KG was in contract for 2 condos before she finally compromised and went to look for an apartment.
All of June, July, and August were full of her going to open houses and talking about banks.
The moment she found first one she liked she started packing.

No, I'm not kidding.
I'm talking mid June.

I came home about a week after she put an offer on the first condo and found little things that were hers gone from the living room.
No biggie, there were only about 5 things gone.
I just though it was funny because she wasn't even assured of the condo...
And she wouldn't even move for another month if she did.

Just to give you an idea, if I haven't mentioned it before, KG hasn't had the chance to accumulate anything that really involves packing.
Throughout college she lived in a single dorm room.
She literally only has the stuff in her room and the basement office area.
And she was packing before anything was set in stone.

After the living room I noticed that her shelf of books and teaching supplies were all packed.

Then about a week later she came home with a few medium sized boxes.
"Are those for the basement?"
"Nope. I'm packing some of my clothes."
Then she went upstairs.

I just laughed silently on the couch.

She ended up not getting the first condo and the process started all over again.

I didn't really understand what she was going to do.
All her stuff was packed and it was going to be another month before she even knew anything.
Luckily, for both of us, she found a condo in the same development as the first and put an offer in.

About two weeks before her supposed closing date I came home to notice that our gallery wall was half missing.
She had taken down her frames and taken out any picture that was hers from frames that were mine.

I get it. 
I do.
I just didn't know how to react.
Was I suppose to put my pictures in the frames and hang new ones where the empty spots were?
I would never want anyone to feel like a squatter for the last few weeks before she moved out.
It was her place up until she moved out...
If she ever moved out.

It was really a weird situation.
She was basically packed for the last 3 months she has lived here.

And the thing is, her being all packed up made me want her to be gone so that I could move all my stuff into those rooms.
Unlike her, I had 3 years of marriage and accumulation that I had stashed in random places all over the condo.
Our old computer desk is being used as a laundry station in the basement.
It's waiting patiently to be a sewing table.
Just an example.

I'm excited to be finally moving things around and fully settling into our condo.
I think I'm going to like living in a one family house again.
If only she could get a timeline on her new moving date.

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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

single digits!!!!!!! AHHHHH you must be so excited!!!! SO happy for you, and hopefully the roomie situation works out quickly so you and the hubby get some privacy!