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August 27, 2012

August Birch Box

I got my birch box in the mail a few weeks ago.
I still haven't decided if BirchBox is the sample company for me.
I've heard good things about so many other companies that do the monthly mailers.
This months products included:

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I tried this mascara and was kinda put off.
The brush was twice the size of my usual Mary Kay maskera...
And I needed 3 coats, compared to the usual 1.
I'm not going to be using it again.
Bummer, it's the perfect travel size.

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I sprayed the heck out of my closet.
I'm not really a perfume wearer.
But it smelled pretty good.

Hand Lotion
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This was the tiniest sample I've ever seen.
It smelled like menthol... Like my grandma's cold cream.
It was greasy and insane.
I used it as a moisture treatment on my feet.
Then I washed my hands.
It was a little crazy.
I didn't like it.

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I was able to split this little packet into 2 uses.
I found it to be nice.
It wasn't heavy.
It didn't leave my hair greasy...
When I got back to my regular hair products I noticed that my scalp was cleaner with the two uses of the shampoo oil.
It was nice.
Maybe something that I'd buy and use about once a week.

{pic via}
Free razor.
I thank you.

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