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August 13, 2012

11 Months

Those of you who are new to my little blog might not know that since Jake left in September I have been living with a fellow Army Wife.
(A little background on KG and RG)

KG and I were not uber close before this experience.
I went to high school with her.
She was a year behind me in school.
We both had a very dry, sarcastic quality that we enjoyed in each other.
Her then-fiance, now-husband, RG was a field commander with Jake and they hung out all the time.
We both endured together while they played Guitar Hero and Call of Duty.
She wasn't friends with many girls.
I wasn't friends with many girls.
Her RG was in the same unit as Jake.
They were both leaving.
She was graduating from college and didn't want to live with her parents.
I had an empty room.

It made sense.
I was excited to get the opportunity to live with a girl and experience the college dorm atmosphere that I missed out on.
RG wanted to be sure that KG could live with another person before they got married.
(She lived in a single dorm room her entire college career... And she was an RA for 2 years)

Upon the boys leaving I discovered a few things about KG.
Nothing super crazy or anything like that.
She just has a case of OCD that is something to behold.
She knows and readily admits to it.

After 11 months of living with her I can tell you that her OCD real, alive and well...

I knew that living with someone else was going to be hard.

After 11 months I can honestly tell you that I was so naive.
So naive.

I love KG.
This year has been a valuable lesson.
For both of us.

I just had no idea what this year would bring.
The growth that would happen.
Living with a girl isn't easy.
It hasn't been all bad.
There are even great things that have happened.
I'm just glad that I'll never have to do it again.

Or, when I do, I'll be able to say 'I'm your mother, deal with it.'

Has anyone had an interesting experience with a roommate?

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Nikki said...

My best friend and I lived with each other a few different times during college and after. Each time there were some great things about living with each other, but there was also a long list of things that we did that annoyed each other. It definitely is different than living with your husband.