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July 16, 2012

What is FRG?

FRG is a group that is put in place to enhance communication between family members and their soldiers.
Family Readiness Group.
It is what it is...

My take on the group:
(Or ours, at least...)

FRG is a great thing for soldiers and families who don't have the ability to communicate throughout a week.
As I've already mentioned in a previous post, Jake and I are able to talk about ever other day.
I've found that the FRG group is redundant for my situation.

I'm positive that soldiers who are stationed on more primitive bases for their deployment, as well as their families, appreciate the FRG concept quite a bit.

I just found that I heard 99.9% of information from my soldier weeks before the monthly meeting held by our FRG.
By the time the meeting rolls around their news is old news.

To give you an example of things I can tell you that quite a few people were deployed with Jake's unit.
They were from all over Ohio.
The FRG meetings were announced 3 months in advance.
The average number of people who came to the monthly meetings ranged from 8-13.
That's individuals, not families.

If you think about it, KG and I, along with our husband's parents would account for 3-5 of us.

The good things that the FRG does, is they set up family parties and send out a monthly newsletter from our unit's commanders.
Not that much is ever said in the newsletter...
Or that it's all true.
But it's still nice to have it.
Morale is high. HA

The parties are generally OK.
Nothing to get to excited about.
They are mostly geared toward small children whose parent is over seas.

My situation and my circumstances leads me to say that with where Jake and I are in our lives, the FRG serves little purpose in this deployment.
But, that is just us.

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