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July 30, 2012

My Second Birch Box

I got my second Birch Box
I'm trying to decide if I enjoy getting them or not.
So far I am happy with 90% of what they send.
I'm trying to decide if the 10% of poop is worth keeping.
Unfortunately I'm also one of those girls easily distracted by bright colors and pretty packaging.
I admit it.

{linking up with Jennifer at Vintage Gewn}


This month's box was a senses type of theme. 

{pic via}
The mints are from Tea Forte.
I don't enjoy chocolate.
They claim they're good for energy...
I'm not feeling any boost of energy while I'm plugging away at my desk job.

{pic via}
The ear buds are so awesome and colorful.
Mine are lime green with pink buds.
Unfortunately, they're cheaply made.
Nothing you can do about that, they are a BirchBox exclusive.
I do enjoy them though.
My tiny little ears like the squishy bud awesomeness.

{pic via}
The eyeliner is Eyeko Skinny Liquid in black.
I used the eyeliner during my summer show.

I was blown away.
Honest to goodness, I've only used liquid eyeliner once and I hated it due to the little brush.
I adore this liquid eyeliner pen.
I can even claim to have gotten the little cat eye right.
The liner lasted through a theatre production and longer. 
It's staying power was great, but fixing any mistakes was a little rough.
This liner is in it to win it.

{pic via}
The perfume sample that came was Harvey Prince Hello
I loved it.
It's gone.
I tried spraying the last bit of it into my closet to make my clothes smell fabulous.
I'm weird.
Anyway it was very light and one of very few flowery perfumes I enjoy. 

{pic via} 
Alterna BAMBOO® UV+ Color Protection Fade-Proof Fluide has dimethicone in it...
I don't use hair products with dimethicone in it because it's not water soluble.
No review to give.
Sorry loves.
{pic via}
Supergoop! City Sunscreen...
It's sunscreen.

Anyone else get a monthly subscriber box? I'd love to see you link up and share what you think of your boxes.

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Jennifer said...

Those mints look weird!! I got a Larabar which I hadn't ever had and it was tasty! And I got eyeshadow instead of the eyeliner. First time for eyeshadow so that was pretty cool. The box made up for the Gossip Girl box which I wasn't fond of! I stumbled across another subscription program called my glam bag...thinking about trying it and if I like it better replacing Birchbox. Well see! Thanks for linking up girl!