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July 4, 2012

Deployment and Facebook

It's such a frusterating thing, to have facebook.
A blessing and a curse.
It's a blessing because I have the ability to talk to Jake throughout the day, if I wanted.
People can post pictures and I can facebook stalk my husband.
I can leave him a message and he will get back to me as soon as he is able to get online.

It's annoying because you are not allowed to post any true dates or information anywhere.
No pictures of your soldier in uniform.
No addresses for people who want to send care packages.
No dates of movements or traveling.
All of which is understandable.
I mean safety first, right.
But still annoying.

The bad thing is that every second of every day my phone, ipad, or computer is on facebook.
That means that my chat is enabled.
It doesn't look good.
Which also means that random people try to chat with me.
At weird times.
Like 3 am, when they are drunk and trying to reconnect with old friends.
Or in my case, people who they went to elementary school with.
No thanks.

The good thing is that I have a constant connection with my husband.
Not just phone calls.
I know when he is putzing around and commenting on other people's lives.
I know when he is in his room or when he is 'off to chow'.
It's a reassurance thing.
He isn't required to talk to me.
Heck, half the time I'm at work.
But I can glance at the Book on my phone and know that he is there...
It's nice.

Anyway, moral of the story.
Don't chat me on FB at 3am.
And don't pay any attention to me if I post on every. single. picture of my husband.
I can't help it.
I'm a little obsessed.

Hubs photo bomb:
{having fun in clinic}
{at the firing range}

{He loves chocolate milk}

{Getting ready to play some volley-ball} 
{He's got some mad up's}.
Even in looking for these pictures I found myself looking at his pictures for almost a half hour!
It's a habit I won't be able to break until September.


Rachel said...

Aww! Facebook is definitely nice for the pictures of faraway loved ones--but even though I'm often logged on to FB, I never have my chat logged on, or else people are guaranteed to start messaging me!

Nikki said...

It's amazing how technology can keep you guys intouch. So much better than telegrams. :)