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July 10, 2012

Calling the Called:Darby from Life With the Hawleys

This wee's guest post is from My lovely blog friend, Darby.
She's amazing.
Her blog is inspiring.
Her puppies are adorable.

Hi everyone!  I’m Darby from Life with the Hawleys!  First of all, I can’t forget my manners: I’ve got to thank Erin for having me.  I’m not only thrilled to be a part of this series, but completely honored.  I would not consider my life “together” or “complete”, but more like a work-in-progress.  Just for some background about me: I am definitely a nerd, who loves to learn, teach, and drink coffee :-)  I’ve been married to the man of my dreams for almost 5 years now, & he keeps me smiling everyday.  I really believe that I fall more in love with him everyday. 

I firmly believe that my life is a gift from God, & I want to use what I’ve been given to honor Him.  I am not perfect at this & I have made some HUGE (not to mention, embarrassing) mistakes, but I can’t change the past.  I can only move forward, learning from my mistakes.  So how did I decide what I was going to be when I “grew up”? 

All of my decisions, are based on prayerThe more I come to God in conversation, the more I am in tune with what He wants for me to hear.  I am in prayer constantly about the little things & the big things in life.  When I was applying to undergraduate school I prayed about which school & major was best for me.  I ended up attending RMC with a major in Religious Studies & a minor in Education.  God placed people in my path while I was at RMC & I ended up switching & graduating with a major in Biopsychology.  That is a HUGE switch LOL!  I continued on that path throughout grad school, receiving my Masters and Doctorate in Behavioral Neuroscience.  Through all of these chapters in my life prayer has been the common denominator; I must keep the conversation between me and God going so that I know what the next step is that He wants me to take.68679963037758459_BInoazw4_c

Each next step has not always been easy or even something that I completely understood.  For example: Why would God want me to switch my major from Religious Studies?! Why would God want me to enroll in such a competitive graduate program when He knows I’m an anxious person?! Why would God want me to go through such a challenging graduate experience half-way across the country without my family for support?!  This is where patience and trust comes into play.  I had to choose faith in Him for what was to happen next.  So even though I might not have understood it at the time, I knew that one day I would be able to look back & see why His way was better than anything I could have ever planned for myself.110619734567323370_HTVllNwL_c

What I wanted at the end of high school was different in college, & completely opposite in graduate school.  But now that I am getting ready to start my new faculty position in the fall, it all makes perfect sense.  I will be the newest faculty member at a Christian university starting in the fall.  This position is a combination of everything I have been studying for the past 10 years; it’s perfect for me because I still get religion, education, & neuroscience.  Do you know how challenging it is to find a scientist with faith?!?!  Almost impossible!  Most scientist are atheists, so to fill a science position at a Christian university presents multiple challenges, but not for me.  Because I have faith I see God’s glory in science, & God has been training me for this position for decades.  I could have never seen the availability of this opportunity 10 years ago, but now looking back, I can see that my life was a puzzle waiting for each piece to click into place.  I admit though, this process did take some time, so through prayer I asked begged for patience, and I trusted His will.135178426285390654_3mwKW6b7_c

Something I had to continually repeat to myself, was that God does not make accidents, and there is no such thing as serendipity or coincidence.  NO SUCH THING!  God has a plan for my life and it is GOOD!  I had to relinquish what control I thought I had on my life, & give all of my concerns to him.  This is very frustrating if you’re a control freak like me, but also very liberating.  Through letting go & letting God work, I found my calling.  My calling is way better than anything I could have ever planned.  Praise the Lord!  I not only found my perfect career, but I also found my husband. 190840102929860732_NdblsZLQ_c

My best advice for something looking for their calling is to pray & have patience, trusting in the Father’s will for your life.  It is so GOOD, so no need to worry!  He has everything under control, so continue to work hard & value each day & relationship as a gift!  Thank you Erin for letting me take over your blog today!!

LOVE it.

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