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July 3, 2012

Calling the called: Lindsay from Last Year of A Twenty Something

This week's spotlight is on Lindsay.
I've been following her blog, Last Year of  Twenty Something for quite a while now.
I'm a silent follower most of the time, but I do love looking at all her fabulous fashion posts and Wedding Wednesday posts...
She also participates in Friday Fancies. 
Her eye for style and design is truly inspiring.
I'm so excited for you to hear her story.


Hi Everyone! I am so excited to be a guest blogger today on Erin’s blog, Enamored and Elegant! I love the idea of the series, ‘Calling the Called’ and what perfect timing…I just found out this past weekend that I will be starting a new position with a new company the first week of July! I will be helping a Real Estate Investment and Management Group start up and their social media marketing campaign. This is a pretty big company that owns apartment communities in 11 different states across the country so I will be traveling about 50% of the time to help set up and train the employees on different social media tools. I am so excited to get started!

It has been a crazy road with all kinds of odd jobs that have landed me here. I have a Business degree with a Major in Marketing. Shortly after college, I took a position as a leasing consultant with a luxury apartment community in Columbus, OH. I knew I had always been interested in Real Estate so I thought it would be good experience to get into leasing. After about a year with the company, I got an opportunity to work in the Marketing department for a start-up company. The company (like many start-up companies) did not last very long…about 6 months to be exact. Shortly after the company went under I got a job as a Marketing Assistant for a local Medical Association. I thought I wanted to stay in the Marketing field, but found myself not very interested with the medical industry in general and the ‘cubical’ work environment. I needed to have more excitement and I was still very interested in Real Estate. After about 9 months with the Association, I decided to follow my heart and go back into leasing…this time with the intent to work towards my Real Estate license. After about a year of leasing and studying/taking classes I received my Ohio Real Estate Sales License. I decided to jump in head first into the Residential Real Estate world. I continued working part time in the leasing office to make some money while trying to start my own business as a real estate agent. Of course, it was probably one of the worst times to try to get into real estate. Everyone told me I was crazy, but I had to try it out for myself. After moving in with my parents for a year to save money, I decided that it just wasn’t the right time for me to try to start my own business. There were too many bills to pay and not enough income from sales for it to make sense. Luckily, a management position became available in the leasing office where I had been working part time and I decided to throw my hat in the ring. I got the management job about a year ago and have been working full time as a Leasing Manager ever since.

I wasn’t even looking when this new opportunity came my way. I was asked to forward my resume and before you know it I got an interview! My experience in Marketing, Real Estate and Leasing was the perfect combination for the position. You just never know when the perfect job is going to come along that makes all of your past jobs make sense. I’m reading the book called “A Place of Yes” by Bethenny Frankel (I highly recommend it…I’m reading her book Skinny Dipping next) and she talks about how all of her little odd jobs have helped guide her path to starting her own business and becoming an entrepreneur.  You may not love your job now, but it may just be the stepping stone you need for something greater!

Of course, it has always been my dream to start my own home décor and event styling business…and maybe someday I will…but, never underestimate the power of the universe J Sometimes great things happen to you that make you say, “Oh, that makes sense”. For now, this new opportunity makes sense for me in so many ways. Always keep your ears and eyes open for new possibilities. One of Bethenny’s rules in her book is “Everything is your business” meaning every part of your life can affect your income. The way you dress to the way you carry yourself to the way you treat people. You never know who you’re going to meet in an elevator or on an airplane. It could be your next big break!

I hope I didn’t bore you too much with my story, but I am very excited for this new journey I am about to embark on!

Thank you Erin for letting me guest post! Hop on over to my blog {www.leastyearoftwentysomething.blogspot.com} for some pretty home décor and event styling inspiration!


Yay! Congrats Lindsay, on the new job! 
Stop by her blog and give Lindsay some love!

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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Great post Lindsay! I also read Frankel's book and I totally see how it is reflected in your story! Very cool! Congrats on your new position!

Lindsay K {lastyearoftwentysomething} said...

A little late here, but thank you Erin for having me! Love your blog! So happy you are a follower! :)