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June 25, 2012

Starting A New Little Adventure

A few years ago my jaw locked for about 45 minutes. 
I was able to chew my breakfast, but I could barely open my jaw enough to get the fork in.
Once it relaxed I noticed that my jaw clicked when ever I opened it past a certain point.


My personal belief is that it was from not being taught how to sing correctly.
And clenching mt teeth.
I'm sure other people in my life will think that is a bunch of bull.

Either way, it isn't a huge issue now.
But my bite and overcrowding are.
I still click.

A few weeks ago I took a chance and went to an orthodontic appointment.
They checked me out.
I told them that if I was a good candidate, that I wanted to get Invisilign.

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The idea of metal mouth when my husband was coming home soon just didn't fly with me.
And I already hate that my jaw clicks really loud when we kiss...
Too much info?
Such is my life.

In the appointment they had me go through a series of imaging.
They took multiple pictures of each quadrant of my mouth and pieced them all together in a 3D file to send to the company so that I can get trays.

Here is a funny little fact.
No one can accuse me of having a big mouth.
It's a fact.
My mouth is tiny.
So tiny that the imaging specialist had to use the Jr. sized instruments in order to take the images she needed.

That's right.
They used the same instruments on me that they do on pre-teens...

I just wanted to share.
I'm nervous and excited.
I hope that soon I'll have a killer smile...
And a quiet jaw.
**wink, wink**

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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

This is awesome!!!!! I've heard others go through this experience and they were so pleased!