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June 21, 2012

Pinterest Party? Yes, Please!

SIL invited me to a Pinterest party that was being put on by the women's ministry at her church.
Pretty sad that Pinterest party automatically means invite Erin.
But it's so true.
It's a compulsion.
I can't help it.

Anyway I went and donated $5 for the crafts.
I was so impressed.
All of the appitizers were form Pins.
the three crafts were Pins.
The host's house was full of Pinterest ideas that I have pinned to one of my boards.
I mean I was blown away.
Someone actually completes DIY pins?!
Those are real people?
Like really?!
Her Pinterest inspirations make my weekly Theirs/Mine weep. 

I digress...

So I didn't get many pictures.
Time was better used crafting and talking to some amazing women.
Here are the ones that I did take.
{Veggie baguettecinnamon toast crunch cupcake, lemon bar browniespretzel bites, punch? All Pinterest}
{The ladies making flowers for their wreaths}
{My wreath... I'm going to be buying more felt to  make more flowers}
{SIL's tiles for Noah's 'One Fish, Two Fish' bathroom}
{My tiles}

{Yay decorations for my tiny kitchen}
Honestly, those are all the pictures that I took.
I'm ashamed.
Then again, I had a great time!

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Rachel said...

That looks like so much fun!