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June 11, 2012

Girl's Weekend!

This past weekend Bestest and I took a little drive.
We decided a few weeks ago that we needed a girl's weekend before Jake came home to reconnect and relax.
We planned a fun weekend.

The drive soundtrack included awesome tracks from 2005.
And Glee.

We headed toward our vacation and sights unseen.
Mainly, we headed to the stables we scheduled a trail ride with.
So the sight unseen was the two of us on horses.
{Bestest and Missy}

{Crazy mule hanging out by the fan}

{Feeding Missy some apple things}

{Me bonding with Duke}
but the scenery once on those magical beasts was amazing.
I was dressed to impress with my cowgirl boots.
Check it!

After quite some time on horse back we headed back to our cabin for some chick flicks, drinks and hot tub time.

Anyone want to guess out favorite movie?
If you guessed pride and prejudice you win.
well, you win the knowledge of knowing that you either know my obsession first hand,
or you've been reading long enough to be tired of hearing about it.

Either way, I'm impressed.

Anyway, Saturday morning we ate some breakfast at the main cabin house.
I'm sure they were happy to see us.
Bestest had scheduled spa time at our cabin.
These wonderful people came to our cabin.
That's right.
They traveled to us.
facials and vinotherapy commenced.
With wine.

I loved it.

After that we relaxed and watched another movie...
Then went into Nelsonville to the historic train depot.
They were doing a scheduled ride with horseback robbery.
With fake money.
That's right.
Bestest and I went on a train and the train was robbed.

By people on horseback.
I'm not going to comment on the ages of many of said robbers.
I wouldn't mind hearing your guess for this black harted robber's age. 

I was robbed because I sat closest to the stairs...
Bestest avoided the man behind the bandana.

But he didn't take my wonderful, sparkly, jeweled shoe.

We took a little trip and went for a beautiful hike at Old man's cave.

It was an awesome weekend with Bestest.
We've decided that it is going to be an annual event for us.

This is Asher after I got him home...
{He sat like that for over an hour.}
Evidently he has an equally good weekend at my parent's house.


Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Erin this sounds so refreshing and fun!!! Glad you got some time to get away and relax!

Nikki said...

I have been wanting to take Harper to nelsonville to ride the train. I can't believe they stage a robbery. How fun!