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June 19, 2012

Communication During Deployment

I'm blessed.
I'm just going to be upfront about it.
I have the ability to talk to my husband at least once every other day.
He's on a base, in a clinic type setting.
It's dangerous, but not because he has guns aimed at him all day every day.

I can honestly tell you that due to Jake and I not being awesome at talking on the phone our conversations tend to be bare bones and straight facts.
We both think phone conversation have a tendency to become redundant and repetitive after about 30-45 minutes.
If we even make it to 30 minutes.
I don't bother him with daily drama unless it is effecting our conversation.
Or if I'm crying over it already.
He doesn't need to hear about every little, tiny thing going on in my life.
For example;
The fact that our shower stopper is stuck,
Our toilet is making weird noises...randomly,
 or Asher refusing to poop on a walk isn't my idea of a quality phone conversation.
I can't help it.

It's okay though, because he doesn't tell me any more than what is necessary.
He told me that if I knew everything I would just worry for no reason and it would interrupt my life.

I don't mind the knowing everything, but his care for me, and what is going on here in the states, shows that he understands that I still have to be a functioning part of society while he is gone.
I only hear stories once in a while, and that is fine with me.
As long as no one in the unit was injured, especially him, than I don't need to know.
He can tell me everything once he gets home.

Our main communication is through facebook during the day and Skype at night.
It makes things a little difficult while I'm at work, but we work it out.

It's funny because when he calls me on Skype before bed, he is actually getting ready to start his day.
He always laughs at me because, in my sleepy state, I always tell him 'good night' when we say our good byes.
Or sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of the conversation.
I always wonder if his buddies ever say anything about hearing him talking louder than necessary so that I'll wake up firmly telling me to go to bed multiple times every few nights.

I digress.

So, that's kinda how it goes around here.
I get to talk to him quite a bit more than people would expect.


Grammy Goodwill said...

Bless you and bless him, too! I'm glad you can write this positively.

Saimaeve said...

I totally understand. When my husband was deployed, both times we kept phone calls to a minimum. Mostly because I couldn't stand the static and feedback and echo and partly because we didn't bore each other with mundane things.

I remember coming home from the clinic after being diagnosed with Shingles and him randomly calling, I didn't even think to tell him about the diagnosis as there were more pressing matters to discuss.

It's sort of the telephone version of Twitter, short, sweet and to the point!

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

awww this is sweet! I'm so glad that you all have your own communication system established!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I can't even imagine how tough it must be. But it sounds like you guys get to talk pretty often (once every other day is pretty good right?).

I admire our military and their families SO much!

Rachel said...

That has got to be a challenge. But Skype is definitely a blessing for those types of situations! I haven't seen my parents or sisters in two years, since they live overseas, but our weekly Skype calls help a lot. It's got to be so much harder with a husband.

Jennifer said...

Oh I'm so glad you get to talk on a regular basis! And I'm glad to know that I'm not the only who doesn't have long phone convos with their hubby! My guy doesn't like talking on the phone so anytime we do it's short and to the point! Ha!