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June 20, 2012

Calling The Called: A Guest Post Series

Lately, I have been having another episode of self doubt.
It happens from time to time, mostly when I find myself settled into life and waiting for the next opportunity to show itself.
I always strive to go beyond myself and find my niche.
Sometimes, I hope that it is in theatre.
Sometimes, I dream that it is in music.
Sometimes, I pray that it is in ministry.
Sometimes, I think that it is in being a mother.

The truth is that I am 25.
I'm young.
I'm a individual in a generation that is breaking down barriers and showing advancement beyond it's years.
 But I'm still 25.
Over 2 years out of college.
Over 2 years married.
7 years out of high school.

I should not be worried about where my life is going.
I do not need to have matching furniture, a mortgage, 2 kids and a car payment.
I just need to take life a day at a time and enjoy the ride He is taking me on.
I'm young.
I've got time to search my soul for what it is that makes me feel whole.
Plenty of time.

I wanted to share with you a few extraordinary people who have found their calling and are taking life with both hands.
Over the next few weeks I will be having some wonderful guest bloggers sharing their lives with you.
I hope you are inspired, as I know I will be, and that you enjoy hearing from some amazing women.
They are wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful and very special women.
I know you will enjoy their blogs and stories as much as I do.

Our first Guest post for this series is from Whitney over at Cheerios and Beer.
Her perspective is so fresh and funny.
She's great.
You'll like her.

You'll like all of the guest posters.
I'm not-a-kidding.

The fun starts next week.
You won't want to miss it!

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