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June 18, 2012

Birch Box: June!

I've been following a number of girls who are signed up to receive the Birch Box monthly box delivery
I decided that I wanted to get awesome samples of beautious beauty supplies. 

I'm a product junkie and I will soon be sharing exactly what my bathroom looks like.

Sad product obsessions aside, I got the email to join the mailing list and I finally got my something fabulous and beautiful in the mail to make me fabulous and beautiful.

I'm uber excited!
{Cutest box ever!}

{I was surprised by how much you got for $10}
{Stila - One Step Bronzer}  
The bronzer was really light going on. 
The color was really subtle and fresh.
I loved the little flecks of sparkle. 
It isn't clubbing sparkle.
More like a fresh, dewy, hint of sparkle.

{The Balm - Stainiac Cheek and Lip Stain "Beauty Queen"}
I've never owned a lip stain.
I was surprised that it was actually a stain.
As in I couldn't get it off my hand.
It was classy at work.
Just call me Super Class.

 The perfume sample is "Not A Perfume" by Juliet Has A Gun
It smells yummy.

The Zip baggie is Tili Bags

The Wipe Sample is CleanWell hand sanitizing wipes
Really nice... But it's a wipe. lol

Want to know something exciting?
They have men's BurchBoxes too!!!
Guess who might be signing up her husband to get manly things once every 3 months.
(The boys boxes are quarterly.)

Big Sis found a website called Blumm that has baby themed product sample mailings.

Are you a member of any of these sites, or something similar?
I'd love to hear what you think about the sample box craze.


Phil and Darby Hawley said...

How fun! I've been trying to resist signing up, but every month it gets harder!

Jennifer said...

That was a great box!! I would have liked to try that bronzer! Hope you'll join me on Friday for the Birchbox Beauty Bash!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for linking up girl!! Have a great weekend!