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June 28, 2012

Theirs/Mine: Pinterest Outfit

This is one of those pins that I've pinned about 3 times.
{pic via}
I love the outfit.
I recently purchased a pair of white jeans from Zulily and I love them!
So I decided to pull a few random things from my closet to recreate a favorite pin.

It was a cute outfit.
I felt trendy wearing it.
I managed to be totally awesome during lunch that day.
Imagine raspberry vinaigrette and white pants.

{Instigram picture... So I messed with the exposure lol}

I am why we can't have nice things...
Oy Vey!

Living Social USO Deal

This living social deal popped up on my feed the other day.
I just wanted to share.
Please think about this deal and support our troops.

We each make sacrifices to help our friends and family. But then there are the brave men and women who make the great sacrifice to leave their friends and family and put their lives at risk so that we may each live safely. This Independence Day, it's our turn to answer the call and show our troops how much their service means: Pay just $25 and the USO will put $50 toward a deployment care package or other morale-lifting services for our men and women of the armed forces -- and send you a T-shirt to show their appreciation. Filled with items like snacks, toiletries, and phone cards, each care package not only provides troops with a reminder of home, but helps those serving a world away reconnect with their loved ones. By showing your gratitude and appreciation for those who serve, you can do your part to honor our nation's true heroes.

Your deal comes with a t-shirt for you!
It's a win-win!

June 27, 2012

Excuse Me Deployment, I'm Not Single...

I'm trying to keep up with the posts about life with a deployed husband...
You seen to actually like reading about my life.
Oy vey, Erin.

This has been a weird post to write. 
I know the gist of what I wasn't to say, but I have now re-written this thing about 4 times.
It's hard talking about serious stuff regarding the deployment without things sounding down.
Nature of the beast, I guess.
I'll just dive in and explain afterward... 

With Jake gone, I'm kinda like a bitter single woman.

I find myself aiming hilarious quips and jealous rants at contrived romantic scenes on tv.
So unrealistic!
I may, or may not, throw stuffed dog toys during said rants.
Asher loves it.
What man truly tells you that he 'memorized every fleck of gold in your eyes'?!....
If you just raised your hand, shame on you.
Please, hold still while I throw this squeaky hippo at your head.

It's just an example of the private, futile, dramatic overtures I enjoy partaking in.
It makes me feel a little better.

I also imagine the inevitable death of the mushy romance after the end of the movie.
The heroine starts peeing with the door open.
The hero starts farting on the couch while refusing to un-glue his eyes from whatever sports game on.
The flowers and jewelry gifts go out the door.
I start to imagine their lives with the addition of babies and the absence of showering.
The absence of sex in general....
I imagine it with such clarity...
It's glorious.

I'm sorry, what was I talking about?

I've found that with this deployment I also tend to avoid situations where I'm actually faced with my current 'party of 1' status.
I'm not into the bar/party/group of friends getting sloshed for no reason scene.
It's just not my thing.
I tend to eat at home, by myself 98% of the time.
Recently, it's because I'm always on the run due to rehearsals...
More on that some other time...

I've also been kinda skirting around family.
I didn't notice this until a few days ago.
I've probably unconsciousally done it from day 1.
I'm not avoiding people...
Not on purpose.
Just not actively seeking them out.
This is really what this post is about.

I love my family.
Everyone in my family.
There isn't one person that I wouldn't do anything for.
Even the ones that I don't particularly like, I love.
They're family.

I have been avoiding putting myself in situations where I find myself leaning toward jealousy and true bitterness.
It's not quite as obvious to me when I'm in the moment.
I can't speak for family members.

It's like a tightening in my chest.
I can't breathe as freely.
I'm more on edge.
I joke about my situation.
Deflect any possible attention.
Avoid eye contact.
Claim babies as my dates in order to make my third wheel status less awkward.
When I leave, I find myself relaxing and breathing easier.

While I have come to realize my tendency to avoid the couples in my life, I haven't been able to find it in me to feel completely bad about it.
I feel bad because I know that we all miss just hanging out.
I'm close with my family, on both sides.
I want to see them...
But, at the same time I just can't find it in me to feel badly enough to willingly just go hang out, willy-nilly.

Planned, sure. 
I can do planned.
I can prep myself for it.

The good news.
In less than 85 days It will no longer be an issue.
In less than 85 days I'll a part of a couple again.

Party of 2, please!

June 26, 2012

Calling the Called: Whitney From Cheerios and Beer

I found Whitney's blog through someone's blog.
Honestly, I think I was in a work educed coma and randomly clicked on her link.
I don't remember.
The first post I read had something to do with a celebrity a celebrity...
I'll link it at the bottom.
I do remember reading her blog title, thinking it was ironic. 
And remembering a story from B-Rad about pouring beer in his cereal all the time while in college.
I started reading.
And laughing.
And reading some more.
Her honesty when it comes to life is really great.

She's real.
And witty.
No fluff.
It's refreshing.

Thank you Whitney, for opening an email from a non-stalker.


figuring out life is the biggest problem i have been faced with in my almost 26 years. but it has also been the most fun. and i will tell you why. in 26 short paragraphs. i kid. i kid. it's only 25.

it all started in high school. i wasn't a huge fan of high school. i am not sure if it was because i wasn't the popular kid. or if it was because it was easy and i didn't need to study so i felt like i was wasting my time. granted i didn't study for any of my AP classes and that didn't work out so well. but alas. i got into the college i was hoping for.

i was always looking forward to the next best thing. i never enjoyed the 'now'. my only regret.  [excluding a couple nights out at bars...obviously].

anyway. i never lived in the moment. i always have had a plan. i knew what i wanted to do within my first semester of school. i worked hard to get into the specific college. i worked hard to be awesome at school. and worked hard to get into the extracurricular clubs 'i was supposed to get in to. to help out later in life.'

while i had my fair share of fun, it was short lived. i knew i needed to buckle down and focus on school more. which was a complete waste of time. did you know that a good amount of employers don't even check if you graduated? let alone your GPA?

ANWAY. i am sure erin asked me to write a guest post because she wanted something funny from me.

well kiddos. i might disappoint. life is hard. no one can tell you want to expect. because it is all unforeseen. a recent lesson [RECENT...wtf] i learned was to live in the present. you can't change the past and you can't predict the future. why it took so long to realize this is beyond me, but i will go with it now.

i promised myself back in my senior year of college to never do something i didn't REALLY want to do. i know there are obligations, and probably work tasks i will have endure which breaks this, but those are the outliers. [yeah i am still smart...get your geometry book out for that one].

what was this about??

that is the thing. i could talk for ever and ever on what i did to get to where i am. but everyone's journey is different. that is beauty in it. cherish where you are today and what you have. if you don't like it...make a change. or live with it.

i'll end with my biggest pet peeve [it's on the list right after chewing with your mouth open]. if you don't want to go to work that day and be happy then DON'T GO. for example: i wake my ass up at 530 to go get starbucks in the morning. i get there and each and every one of them has their panties in a bunch. i'm sorry. you chose to get up and go to work today. your choice. granted if you didn't you could get fired but still. that was the choice. deal with it and put a fake smile on your face.

lesson: be happy.

sorry that was random. but i told erin i don't have life figured out yet so i couldn't promise any wise words. hope you chuckled a little.

if not...here is me at work...

Love it!
There you have it.
Go and read Whitney's blog.
You won't regret it.

Here are some of my favorite posts from Cheerios and Beer
Stop Being A Chicken

Whitney also has a Pinterest and Twitter.
Check 'em out.

June 25, 2012

Starting A New Little Adventure

A few years ago my jaw locked for about 45 minutes. 
I was able to chew my breakfast, but I could barely open my jaw enough to get the fork in.
Once it relaxed I noticed that my jaw clicked when ever I opened it past a certain point.


My personal belief is that it was from not being taught how to sing correctly.
And clenching mt teeth.
I'm sure other people in my life will think that is a bunch of bull.

Either way, it isn't a huge issue now.
But my bite and overcrowding are.
I still click.

A few weeks ago I took a chance and went to an orthodontic appointment.
They checked me out.
I told them that if I was a good candidate, that I wanted to get Invisilign.

{pic via}

The idea of metal mouth when my husband was coming home soon just didn't fly with me.
And I already hate that my jaw clicks really loud when we kiss...
Too much info?
Such is my life.

In the appointment they had me go through a series of imaging.
They took multiple pictures of each quadrant of my mouth and pieced them all together in a 3D file to send to the company so that I can get trays.

Here is a funny little fact.
No one can accuse me of having a big mouth.
It's a fact.
My mouth is tiny.
So tiny that the imaging specialist had to use the Jr. sized instruments in order to take the images she needed.

That's right.
They used the same instruments on me that they do on pre-teens...

I just wanted to share.
I'm nervous and excited.
I hope that soon I'll have a killer smile...
And a quiet jaw.
**wink, wink**

June 21, 2012

Pinterest Party? Yes, Please!

SIL invited me to a Pinterest party that was being put on by the women's ministry at her church.
Pretty sad that Pinterest party automatically means invite Erin.
But it's so true.
It's a compulsion.
I can't help it.

Anyway I went and donated $5 for the crafts.
I was so impressed.
All of the appitizers were form Pins.
the three crafts were Pins.
The host's house was full of Pinterest ideas that I have pinned to one of my boards.
I mean I was blown away.
Someone actually completes DIY pins?!
Those are real people?
Like really?!
Her Pinterest inspirations make my weekly Theirs/Mine weep. 

I digress...

So I didn't get many pictures.
Time was better used crafting and talking to some amazing women.
Here are the ones that I did take.
{Veggie baguettecinnamon toast crunch cupcake, lemon bar browniespretzel bites, punch? All Pinterest}
{The ladies making flowers for their wreaths}
{My wreath... I'm going to be buying more felt to  make more flowers}
{SIL's tiles for Noah's 'One Fish, Two Fish' bathroom}
{My tiles}

{Yay decorations for my tiny kitchen}
Honestly, those are all the pictures that I took.
I'm ashamed.
Then again, I had a great time!

June 20, 2012

Calling The Called: A Guest Post Series

Lately, I have been having another episode of self doubt.
It happens from time to time, mostly when I find myself settled into life and waiting for the next opportunity to show itself.
I always strive to go beyond myself and find my niche.
Sometimes, I hope that it is in theatre.
Sometimes, I dream that it is in music.
Sometimes, I pray that it is in ministry.
Sometimes, I think that it is in being a mother.

The truth is that I am 25.
I'm young.
I'm a individual in a generation that is breaking down barriers and showing advancement beyond it's years.
 But I'm still 25.
Over 2 years out of college.
Over 2 years married.
7 years out of high school.

I should not be worried about where my life is going.
I do not need to have matching furniture, a mortgage, 2 kids and a car payment.
I just need to take life a day at a time and enjoy the ride He is taking me on.
I'm young.
I've got time to search my soul for what it is that makes me feel whole.
Plenty of time.

I wanted to share with you a few extraordinary people who have found their calling and are taking life with both hands.
Over the next few weeks I will be having some wonderful guest bloggers sharing their lives with you.
I hope you are inspired, as I know I will be, and that you enjoy hearing from some amazing women.
They are wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful and very special women.
I know you will enjoy their blogs and stories as much as I do.

Our first Guest post for this series is from Whitney over at Cheerios and Beer.
Her perspective is so fresh and funny.
She's great.
You'll like her.

You'll like all of the guest posters.
I'm not-a-kidding.

The fun starts next week.
You won't want to miss it!

June 19, 2012

Communication During Deployment

I'm blessed.
I'm just going to be upfront about it.
I have the ability to talk to my husband at least once every other day.
He's on a base, in a clinic type setting.
It's dangerous, but not because he has guns aimed at him all day every day.

I can honestly tell you that due to Jake and I not being awesome at talking on the phone our conversations tend to be bare bones and straight facts.
We both think phone conversation have a tendency to become redundant and repetitive after about 30-45 minutes.
If we even make it to 30 minutes.
I don't bother him with daily drama unless it is effecting our conversation.
Or if I'm crying over it already.
He doesn't need to hear about every little, tiny thing going on in my life.
For example;
The fact that our shower stopper is stuck,
Our toilet is making weird noises...randomly,
 or Asher refusing to poop on a walk isn't my idea of a quality phone conversation.
I can't help it.

It's okay though, because he doesn't tell me any more than what is necessary.
He told me that if I knew everything I would just worry for no reason and it would interrupt my life.

I don't mind the knowing everything, but his care for me, and what is going on here in the states, shows that he understands that I still have to be a functioning part of society while he is gone.
I only hear stories once in a while, and that is fine with me.
As long as no one in the unit was injured, especially him, than I don't need to know.
He can tell me everything once he gets home.

Our main communication is through facebook during the day and Skype at night.
It makes things a little difficult while I'm at work, but we work it out.

It's funny because when he calls me on Skype before bed, he is actually getting ready to start his day.
He always laughs at me because, in my sleepy state, I always tell him 'good night' when we say our good byes.
Or sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of the conversation.
I always wonder if his buddies ever say anything about hearing him talking louder than necessary so that I'll wake up firmly telling me to go to bed multiple times every few nights.

I digress.

So, that's kinda how it goes around here.
I get to talk to him quite a bit more than people would expect.

June 18, 2012

Birch Box: June!

I've been following a number of girls who are signed up to receive the Birch Box monthly box delivery
I decided that I wanted to get awesome samples of beautious beauty supplies. 

I'm a product junkie and I will soon be sharing exactly what my bathroom looks like.

Sad product obsessions aside, I got the email to join the mailing list and I finally got my something fabulous and beautiful in the mail to make me fabulous and beautiful.

I'm uber excited!
{Cutest box ever!}

{I was surprised by how much you got for $10}
{Stila - One Step Bronzer}  
The bronzer was really light going on. 
The color was really subtle and fresh.
I loved the little flecks of sparkle. 
It isn't clubbing sparkle.
More like a fresh, dewy, hint of sparkle.

{The Balm - Stainiac Cheek and Lip Stain "Beauty Queen"}
I've never owned a lip stain.
I was surprised that it was actually a stain.
As in I couldn't get it off my hand.
It was classy at work.
Just call me Super Class.

 The perfume sample is "Not A Perfume" by Juliet Has A Gun
It smells yummy.

The Zip baggie is Tili Bags

The Wipe Sample is CleanWell hand sanitizing wipes
Really nice... But it's a wipe. lol

Want to know something exciting?
They have men's BurchBoxes too!!!
Guess who might be signing up her husband to get manly things once every 3 months.
(The boys boxes are quarterly.)

Big Sis found a website called Blumm that has baby themed product sample mailings.

Are you a member of any of these sites, or something similar?
I'd love to hear what you think about the sample box craze.

2012 Tony Awards

2012 Tony Awards

Not my favorite

Very Nice, Ladies


{Audra McDonald is one of my Musical Theatre idols}

Wining Dress of the Night

June 14, 2012

Theirs/Mine: Color Keys

I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be a great way to coordinate my keychain!
{pic via}

This was an easy and fun craft.
It took about 2 hours with the polish drying and all of that.


{Yes, I did this during a break at work.}

I wonder if my husband will be annoyed by his car key being a lovely mint green color...
I love it...
Plus, if I ever need to give the key back, I can just dip it in nail polish remover and call it a day.

June 13, 2012

Can You Relate?

Has there ever been an actor or musician who you though was completely gross?
I'm talking big ego, bad attitude and overall un-attractiveness...

On'y to find yourself unable to stop staring at them a few years later?

Adam Levine is that celebrity to me.
Dang you, The Voice, for bringing him into my home weekly.

{pic via}

{pic via}

I don't get it...
Why, God? Why?
I despised him little over 2 years ago.

Some things we may never know.

Excuse me while I go and re-watch this season's The Voice episodes and fast forward to the judges comments.

June 12, 2012

My Memories Giveaway Winner

Announcement, announcement, ANNOUNCEMENT!
What a wonderful way to start the day.

Too much?
I can't help that I was raised with my dad and brother in scouts.


I'd love to share with you that the winner of the free MyMemories Digital Scrapbook program is...

Emruth who blogs at The Bass Family

Congrats Girl!
Look out for an email heading your way with all the info!

June 11, 2012

Girl's Weekend!

This past weekend Bestest and I took a little drive.
We decided a few weeks ago that we needed a girl's weekend before Jake came home to reconnect and relax.
We planned a fun weekend.

The drive soundtrack included awesome tracks from 2005.
And Glee.

We headed toward our vacation and sights unseen.
Mainly, we headed to the stables we scheduled a trail ride with.
So the sight unseen was the two of us on horses.
{Bestest and Missy}

{Crazy mule hanging out by the fan}

{Feeding Missy some apple things}

{Me bonding with Duke}
but the scenery once on those magical beasts was amazing.
I was dressed to impress with my cowgirl boots.
Check it!

After quite some time on horse back we headed back to our cabin for some chick flicks, drinks and hot tub time.

Anyone want to guess out favorite movie?
If you guessed pride and prejudice you win.
well, you win the knowledge of knowing that you either know my obsession first hand,
or you've been reading long enough to be tired of hearing about it.

Either way, I'm impressed.

Anyway, Saturday morning we ate some breakfast at the main cabin house.
I'm sure they were happy to see us.
Bestest had scheduled spa time at our cabin.
These wonderful people came to our cabin.
That's right.
They traveled to us.
facials and vinotherapy commenced.
With wine.

I loved it.

After that we relaxed and watched another movie...
Then went into Nelsonville to the historic train depot.
They were doing a scheduled ride with horseback robbery.
With fake money.
That's right.
Bestest and I went on a train and the train was robbed.

By people on horseback.
I'm not going to comment on the ages of many of said robbers.
I wouldn't mind hearing your guess for this black harted robber's age. 

I was robbed because I sat closest to the stairs...
Bestest avoided the man behind the bandana.

But he didn't take my wonderful, sparkly, jeweled shoe.

We took a little trip and went for a beautiful hike at Old man's cave.

It was an awesome weekend with Bestest.
We've decided that it is going to be an annual event for us.

This is Asher after I got him home...
{He sat like that for over an hour.}
Evidently he has an equally good weekend at my parent's house.