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May 16, 2012

Review: Getting My Blog Reviewed

I've been blogging for over 3 years now.
Where has time gone.
It seems like last month I started blogging about my wedding planning.


Last month, I was perusing one of the blogs I frequent, Long Distance Loving, and I noticed that Alison offers blog consultations.
I was so excited with the idea of someone offering me some constructive criticism when it came to my blog that I emailed her that very second and asked her to help me out..
I adore constructive criticism. 
No sarcasm here. 
I really do!
I have always felt that there is room for improvement in any aspect of life, and sometimes a little outside perspective is good for your perspective.

So, I contacted her and the rest is history.
Alison is the critical eye behind most of the changes that you have been putting up with over the past month. 
She has been so amazing.

Due to my crazy schedule I opted for Alison to review my blog and email me her opinions and suggestions.
She delivered above and beyond what I expected!
I'm talking 3 pages of information.
She was very thorough and completely awesome!
She commented on layout and design, content, and helpful hints to make my blog a more user friendly space.
I loved it.

I took what she had to say and I applied the things that were easy fixes.
The rest of the suggestions are works in progress.
I loved how she was able to stay positive and told me what I was doing well along with things that I needed to improve on.

The final changes will be going live soon.
I hope you like it!

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