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May 7, 2012

Again? So Soon?

Moving feels like it just happened.

Jake and I have decided to not stay in the condo for another year. 
It was a great place to be while Jake was gone.
It was a place we could afford while splitting rent with someone.
And while the rent isn't too crazy, We are just trying to find a place that is a little bit more manageable for just the two of us, price wise.

So once again we are on the hunt for a good bargain in our area. 
It's actually been going pretty good.
Way better than it did last time.
This past weekend I did 2 walk throughs.
One of the places was even in the same complex we are in now.
Just cheaper rent.
It's a possibility.

It's going to be hard in the respect that the lease will be in my name only. 
It's not that I'm not willing to take responsibility for anything that happens...
It's that I'm making a decision completely without my husband's input.
I take that back.
He is sent pictures of every place I consider.
But pictures don't give you a feel for a place.
He also has different standards than I do.
Not better or worse, just different.

We'll be moving at the beginning of August if we find a new place.
More boxes and packing tape.
Can you tell I'm looking forward to it?
This is another 'Yay Army.' moment.

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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

oh no more moving! That's a pain, but hoping you find a good fit!