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April 10, 2012

Witnessing the Benefits of Essential Oils

I'm not posting this to brag about how awesome I am... 
Or even to show my progress.
I just wanted to share something that worked for me.

Do you remember my mishap with Murad?
I opened up and shared my skin problems with you.
It was a little distressing, but I'm tankful that I did.

Recently I've been following Delighted Momma, who is a blogger and an estitician. 
She offers skin care tips on her blog and I have been eating them up.
There is nothing better than getting skin care ideas from a trained individual without having to set up an appointment.
Maybe a little.

My mom has been selling essential oils for about a year through Doterra, and has been raving about them...
Borderline pressuring me into using them for every ailment under the sun.
I didn't listen.

I didn't listen ,even after WM used lavender oil on her c-section scar and had it heal insanely fast.

It is that stubborn streak I told you about.
Figures that I'd listen to a complete stranger about my medical needs rather than my mom.
But after seeing the post I turned to my mom and asked her for some oils.

What I've been using:
Tea Tree Oil
(Melaleuca is the same thing)
{pic via}

Coconut Oil
{pic via}

Now, I was raised watching all the Clearisil and Nutragena commercials thinking that oil was bad for your skin... Oil was what we were trying to wash off with all these harsh astrigints and toners, right? I though that the more it stung, the better it was working.

Talk about a wake up call.

Once I read the post about oils being GOOD for your skin I decided to give it a try.

I can honestly say that my complexion is the best that it has ever been since hitting puberty.
Breakouts still happen when I'm close to my 'womanly time' (did that sound grandma-ish to you too?)
I'm a woman.
It happens.
Deal with it.
But when my break outs do happen, they are far less severe and heal amazingly fast.
I'm not even kidding.

Please, If you have skin issues, look into the benefits of using essential oils as a moisturizer/acne spot treatment.
The way I see it.
Essential oils have been around for forever.
They have a reputation for working.
That reputation had to have come from somewhere.
It's worth a shot.

Hope this helps someone out there.

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Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Thanks to cloth diapering I've learned of the wonders of using essential oils in the wash because they're naturally anti microbial. Never would of thought to use them on my skin! Makes sense though. Thanks for sharing!