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April 30, 2012

Reason Behind My Friday Posts

Why do I do the celebrity posts?
I enjoy movies.
I enjoy movie stars.
I enjoy reading about peoples lives...
It's one of the many reasons I blog.

I enjoy fashion. (even if I'm not always in the 'latest trends')
I just put the two interests I have together.

People magazine has a style page that is titled 'Celebrity Looks For Less'
I find it to be a joke. 
(No offense People Magazine)
To list a top for $100+ and call it a bargain is absurd. I don't care how much the original piece cost...
$100 for a shirt isn't something on the radar for the normal person, on a normal income, with normal places to go.
If I owned a shirt that cost me $100, I wouldn't wear it because I'd be too afraid that I'd get something on it...
Not just that.
I would be afraid to wash it and dry cleaning, while awesome for big things, is too expensive for little every day items.

That is why I do my posts.
I love seeing what other people are wearing.
I love online window shopping.
I put it all together and that's how my blog series Fanciful Fashion Fridays came about.

Once I started FFF's I found a wonderful blogger who does a Friday fashion link party on her awesome blog.
I started participating.
I started loving other things people linked.

So now my fridays are full of online window shopping and checking up on the latest celeb trends.

I love it.
I think I'll always do it.
So you had better like it too.
I kid.

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