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April 24, 2012

Oh Army...

It's been awhile since I've talked about Army things on my blog. 
It's actually been quite a while.
I'll blame it on my new job and all the pre-published posts.

Jake hasn't moved bases.
We're thankful for that.
We'd much prefer him to be home, but not moving all over a hostel country is good enough for me.

Ever since the time change both of our schedules have been messed up.
We're not in the habit of talking to each other every day like how we did before.
I'm also not allowed on Facebook or Skype during the day anymore.
So we video chat with each other about 2-3 a week and chat on line almost once a day. 

Jake is doing well. 
He wants to be home, but he is doing well.

We were told at the most recent FRG (family readiness group) meeting that the unit that was set to replace ours cancelled their deployment...
Awesome, right?
Yes, thank you Army so much.

We're taking the news as best as we can.
It's hard to take anything to heart because the Army never holds to the plan.
Thing are still subject to change, if they haven't already.

As of right now it is looking like Jake will be home by Labor Day.

That's only 131-ish days!

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