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April 23, 2012


This weekend I helped Twin and WK move into their new place.

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It was fun.
KG and I had looked at the same development before we chose the condo. 
They were living with WK's parents for a while because WK needed a little help while Twin was in Afghanistan. Everyone questioned the idea at first, but in the end it really was what was best for them at the time.
This girl has more clothes than I have ever seen in a house.
When they moved out of their old place, into her mom's house, she admitted to 4-5 trash bags of clothes that sat in their basement for the year plus it they lived there that they threw away because they smelled like cat pee (from the previous tenant).
She said that when she opened the bags that there were tons of brand new clothes with tags still on them.

I can't even imagine owning that amount of clothes.
Having 4-5 bags of clothes sitting in a basement for a year and not even noticing that you don't have them...
I don't even have enough clothes to fill 4-5 bags.

WK admits to linking clothing and emotion/memories.
She keeps everything.
The outfit Twin proposed to her in.
The shirt she was wearing this one time when she snuck out of her house to go to the teen club when she was in middle school.
The shirt she wore this one time when this happened...

I couldn't tell you what I wearing when Jake proposed, even though I have pictures of the blessed day.
I mean honestly I can't even tell you what I wore 3 days ago.

Anyway. It was a fun.
I love helping out my family. 
It makes me feel needed by the people that matter the most in my life.

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