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April 30, 2012

Reason Behind My Friday Posts

Why do I do the celebrity posts?
I enjoy movies.
I enjoy movie stars.
I enjoy reading about peoples lives...
It's one of the many reasons I blog.

I enjoy fashion. (even if I'm not always in the 'latest trends')
I just put the two interests I have together.

People magazine has a style page that is titled 'Celebrity Looks For Less'
I find it to be a joke. 
(No offense People Magazine)
To list a top for $100+ and call it a bargain is absurd. I don't care how much the original piece cost...
$100 for a shirt isn't something on the radar for the normal person, on a normal income, with normal places to go.
If I owned a shirt that cost me $100, I wouldn't wear it because I'd be too afraid that I'd get something on it...
Not just that.
I would be afraid to wash it and dry cleaning, while awesome for big things, is too expensive for little every day items.

That is why I do my posts.
I love seeing what other people are wearing.
I love online window shopping.
I put it all together and that's how my blog series Fanciful Fashion Fridays came about.

Once I started FFF's I found a wonderful blogger who does a Friday fashion link party on her awesome blog.
I started participating.
I started loving other things people linked.

So now my fridays are full of online window shopping and checking up on the latest celeb trends.

I love it.
I think I'll always do it.
So you had better like it too.
I kid.

April 26, 2012

Date Night

Theirs/Mine: Pizza Poufs!

I found this pin and immediately pinned it to my Nom-Nom pin board
{pic via}


{I had some fresh mozzarella left so I used it instead of string cheese.}

{Ezekiel had to check things out}

{Ash was very interested in me possibly dropping something}


Anyone else make a pin from one of their Pinterest boards?

April 25, 2012

My Life Is Boring... For Now.

When I was trying see the bright side of this deployment I told myself, as well as my lovley readers, that I was going to find myself taking this deployment for all the opportunities it was going to offer me.

It's 8 months in and I haven't done a blessed thing.

That is changing.

This summer will be one where I'll be out and about. 
Plans are already in the making.
It's going to be good.
It's going to be fun.
I'm going to get out of  my funk and live a little.
within reason. 

Then Jake is going to come home and we are going to live life!
Live life, and get out of our little box.

Watch out.

April 24, 2012

Oh Army...

It's been awhile since I've talked about Army things on my blog. 
It's actually been quite a while.
I'll blame it on my new job and all the pre-published posts.

Jake hasn't moved bases.
We're thankful for that.
We'd much prefer him to be home, but not moving all over a hostel country is good enough for me.

Ever since the time change both of our schedules have been messed up.
We're not in the habit of talking to each other every day like how we did before.
I'm also not allowed on Facebook or Skype during the day anymore.
So we video chat with each other about 2-3 a week and chat on line almost once a day. 

Jake is doing well. 
He wants to be home, but he is doing well.

We were told at the most recent FRG (family readiness group) meeting that the unit that was set to replace ours cancelled their deployment...
Awesome, right?
Yes, thank you Army so much.

We're taking the news as best as we can.
It's hard to take anything to heart because the Army never holds to the plan.
Thing are still subject to change, if they haven't already.

As of right now it is looking like Jake will be home by Labor Day.

That's only 131-ish days!

April 23, 2012


This weekend I helped Twin and WK move into their new place.

{pic via}

It was fun.
KG and I had looked at the same development before we chose the condo. 
They were living with WK's parents for a while because WK needed a little help while Twin was in Afghanistan. Everyone questioned the idea at first, but in the end it really was what was best for them at the time.
This girl has more clothes than I have ever seen in a house.
When they moved out of their old place, into her mom's house, she admitted to 4-5 trash bags of clothes that sat in their basement for the year plus it they lived there that they threw away because they smelled like cat pee (from the previous tenant).
She said that when she opened the bags that there were tons of brand new clothes with tags still on them.

I can't even imagine owning that amount of clothes.
Having 4-5 bags of clothes sitting in a basement for a year and not even noticing that you don't have them...
I don't even have enough clothes to fill 4-5 bags.

WK admits to linking clothing and emotion/memories.
She keeps everything.
The outfit Twin proposed to her in.
The shirt she was wearing this one time when she snuck out of her house to go to the teen club when she was in middle school.
The shirt she wore this one time when this happened...

I couldn't tell you what I wearing when Jake proposed, even though I have pictures of the blessed day.
I mean honestly I can't even tell you what I wore 3 days ago.

Anyway. It was a fun.
I love helping out my family. 
It makes me feel needed by the people that matter the most in my life.

April 18, 2012

My Dog Is Just A Dog.

This past weekend was Paisley's birthday.
We went to a park.

It was a great party.
Tons of people showed up.

I brought Asher.
I never second guessed my decision to take him.
It was a beautiful day.
Maybe a little windy... But Asher's fear of the wind (yeah, I know.) is something that he would have to get over.

I didn't think of all the little kids who would want to let him.
I didn't think of how he reacts to seeing someone he loves.

He didn't bite anyone except me.
No fear in that respect.

But seeing 90% of the most important people in his life all in one day with the addition of children who wanted to pet him and insane strong winds he went manic.

I had to leave the party, miss seeing my darling nephew Noah have a little park time with paisley and some other kids, to take the little diva dog home.

I was quite peeved.
It didn't help with the already emotional weekend I was having.
(I'll explain later.)

While I was driving him to my parents house so he could wind down with their dog, I thought about how I used my sweet little, high strung, spoiled puppy as a diversion for my inability to emotionally deal with this deployment.

He is more of a distraction for me than anything else.
I use his insanely high energy as a thing to focus on rather than how much I miss Jake, or how awkward I feel spending time with his side of the family with out him.

'yeah I miss Jake, Asher come stop begging for food.'
'Jake would have really wanted to be here for this. Asher do you need to go potty?'

It's completeridiculousness.

I'm planning on stopping.
I need to let my dog be a dog instead of an emotional crutch.
I think it's going to be hard.
He's the closest thing to a baby that I have.
(And we all know how bad my baby fever is...)
But he isn't a baby.
He's a dog.

A dog that doesn't need to go to family dinners.
A dog that doesn't need to be with me every second of the day when I'm home.
A dog that will still be happy to see me if I have to kennel him on a Saturday morning or Sunday evening.

This is an interesting revelation, loves.

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April 17, 2012

My Niece Is One!!!

Paisley turned one over the weekend and Big Sis and B-Rad held a small party for her.
It was more of a play date really.
It was really windy at the park

Eating her birthday cake!

Opening presents while JJ tries to help.

Happy Birthday Paisley-Pea-Pod!!!

April 16, 2012

Sometimes It's fun Meeting New People

Friday I went out with Roomie and one of the other girls whose significant other is on this deployment.
We went for mexican food at a place close to us.
It was  lot of fun!
I'm always hesitant bringing new people into my life.
New people generally mean an extra effort and feeling as if explanations are owed.
I much prefer not dealing with explaining myself.

But since KG made the date with her, I decided to tag along.
I'm so glad that I did. 
We had an awesome dinner!
We talked about our men, who are all on separate bases.
We talked about family, and how each family is reacting to the deployment.
We talked about pets.
It was pretty great.

The mojito in a margarita glass wasn't bad either.

So the next time I'm invited to go out with friends and meet new people, someone please remind me that it's always more fun than I expect it to be.

April 12, 2012

Theirs/Mine: Things To Come

This isn't a Pinterest inspiration post... 
I completely failed this week.
Blog fail.

Instead you get a taste of things to come.
These are Pinterest ideas that  haven't planned yet but really want to do..

{pic via}

{pic via}

{pic via}

{pic via}

{pic via}

Since there was no actual craft for this week...
Let me know what you are wanting to craft in the near future.
or if you've done an awesome craft recently I'd love to check out your blog!

Mocho love, Loves!

April 11, 2012

In This Post

In this post I'm going to tell you that there is no post for today. 

Instead you get a sleepy picture of Asher and Ezekiel.

You'll look at it and you'll like it!

{Ignore Asher's weird blue eyes... The flash does that}

Told you!

April 10, 2012

Witnessing the Benefits of Essential Oils

I'm not posting this to brag about how awesome I am... 
Or even to show my progress.
I just wanted to share something that worked for me.

Do you remember my mishap with Murad?
I opened up and shared my skin problems with you.
It was a little distressing, but I'm tankful that I did.

Recently I've been following Delighted Momma, who is a blogger and an estitician. 
She offers skin care tips on her blog and I have been eating them up.
There is nothing better than getting skin care ideas from a trained individual without having to set up an appointment.
Maybe a little.

My mom has been selling essential oils for about a year through Doterra, and has been raving about them...
Borderline pressuring me into using them for every ailment under the sun.
I didn't listen.

I didn't listen ,even after WM used lavender oil on her c-section scar and had it heal insanely fast.

It is that stubborn streak I told you about.
Figures that I'd listen to a complete stranger about my medical needs rather than my mom.
But after seeing the post I turned to my mom and asked her for some oils.

What I've been using:
Tea Tree Oil
(Melaleuca is the same thing)
{pic via}

Coconut Oil
{pic via}

Now, I was raised watching all the Clearisil and Nutragena commercials thinking that oil was bad for your skin... Oil was what we were trying to wash off with all these harsh astrigints and toners, right? I though that the more it stung, the better it was working.

Talk about a wake up call.

Once I read the post about oils being GOOD for your skin I decided to give it a try.

I can honestly say that my complexion is the best that it has ever been since hitting puberty.
Breakouts still happen when I'm close to my 'womanly time' (did that sound grandma-ish to you too?)
I'm a woman.
It happens.
Deal with it.
But when my break outs do happen, they are far less severe and heal amazingly fast.
I'm not even kidding.

Please, If you have skin issues, look into the benefits of using essential oils as a moisturizer/acne spot treatment.
The way I see it.
Essential oils have been around for forever.
They have a reputation for working.
That reputation had to have come from somewhere.
It's worth a shot.

Hope this helps someone out there.

April 9, 2012

She's my Sea Anemone

I'm her Clown Fish.

It's a symbiotic type of thing.

One can't live without the other.

She's always there for me.

She's my best friend.

Praise the Lord she is my sister.

April 5, 2012

Theirs/Mine: Pinterest Fashion

{pic via}

I wore this to work the other day!


sassy face
I found the dress and tights at Marshall's
the sweater and boots at Target
And the belt is from Forever 21

What do you think?! 
I'm pretty much in love with it! 
This trendy is how I feel on the inside...

When really I look like this:
 and this...
 and this.

Yeah, I know I'm hot.

Anyone try to copy a fashion or beauty pin they found this week?

Join my Theirs/Mine Pinterest Interest Linky Party!

(I hope this code works. lol)

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April 4, 2012

Feeling Sassy?

Yesterday I stole something from my co-worker, T's, desk.
I used it during my break.
Check it out!

Someone has sassy fingers!

Yay mint green nail polish!

Anyone sporting awesome nail colors recently?

April 3, 2012

Change Is A-Comin'

{pic via}

If you haven't noticed, I'm changing up a few things.
I've decided that things around this little bloggy home need some updating.
This means new look, new feel with the same old me. 

You thought I was going to start being interesting. 
Think again.

I am thinking of changing the name of my blog.

Crazy, right?! 

First it was 'Wedding Memoir'.
Back in the day, when I was wedding planning.
Anyone, other than my sister, remember those days?
(Yikes, did I really just say that?!)

After the wedding I chose to name the blog 'Dishes & Wishes.'
I felt like my life had changed, therefore my blog name needed to mirror my new marital status.
Hence the name that gives the idea of a house wife wishing for something more.
This is the image that comes to mind whenever I read my blog name.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Hence the need for change.

I'm in the process...
I'm hoping that by the time I've completed the process of remodeling around here that I'll have a fancy new name...
I may not reveal the complete package for a while.
So even the changes that have happened recently are not permanent.

You've been warned.

I't'll still be me blogging...
(Ha! You thought you could escape me.)
I'll just have a new name and fancy looking place for us to chill and share life.

While I start the pondering process for the name, I'm always open to suggestions. 

Always know that I appreciate each and every one of you.
Thanks for bearing with me while my blog has an identity crisis.

April 2, 2012

Hunger Games

This weekend I went to the movies.
I, literally, have only been to the movies once since Jake left on the deployment.
My one other movie.
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1.
It was ridiculousness.
I regret seeing it.
Unfortunately, because I read the books, I have to finish things off and see the last one.

So I went to the movies.
That's right everyone, I saw Hunger Games.
{pic via}

You see, Hunger Games was the first choice of books for our first book we ever read as a group.
It was a pivotal event for all of us.

After reading the book I can honestly tell you that it was the best rendition of a book that I've ever seen.
I'm completely serious.
Everything was spot on.
The sets and casting were truly great.
There were little tiny things that were left out, but nothing that I even remembered until after the movie when the group I was with started talking about it on the way to lunch.
(Yes, lunch.)
I loved the movie.
Loved it.

If you haven't seen it yet...
But remember to be an informed viewer and read the book first.
And take tissues.

If you have seen it
What did you think?