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March 14, 2012

What's You're One Hangup?

What is the one thing that people actually complain about when it comes to you?
Your most annoying trait?

Well you know how my mom is a nurse?
I think that I take that a little too much to heart.
You see, I'm a chronic self diagnosing hypochondriac.

Me - feeling something out of whack.
(Last week, swollen tonsils.) 
I Google it.
I avoid WebMD so that I can't be considered 'that person'.
I read posts by other people looking online for a diagnosis for their funkiness.
(health funkiness, not mad style funkiness)
I then weigh all my options and choose the one that fits the best.

With my throat, I first chose a cold.
Then strep.
 I finally settled on acid reflux, even though I only suffered from it for a total of one day.
The day after, I told my entire family that I was having acid reflux issues
(this included a semi-melodramatic post on facebook) 
I decided that since I wasn't having any heartburn issues, and that the swelling was kinda moving around in my throat, that acid reflux wasn't it.
(Big Sis asking, for the um-teenth time, if I was sure that I wasn't pregnant had nothing to do with it.)

The next day I decided that it was a little more like severe seasonal allergies.
Listen, my uvula (the little hangy-downey thing in your throat) was feeling weird and swollen...
And by feeling weird, I mean that I could actually feel it in my throat.
I've never felt like this before.
I told Big Sis at lunch....
She told me that I just needed my tonsils taken out.
I don't think that's any way to solve a problem.

Later that day I started thinking that it was an infection...
You see, when this all started I had been taking my hair, skin, and nail vitamins and one got lodged in my throat for a second...
Maybe my throat was reacting, or something.
Like scar tissue or a big scratch.
Or maybe the pill was still there.
Or maybe it was related to my PMS? (I knew that one was a stupid guess)
Maybe it was a food allergy?!

It was going on week two at that point.
Nothing hurt... I just hated feeling like I had something stuck in my throat all the time. 

By Wednesday I finally broke down and tried to schedule an appointment.
It was after the doctors hours so I didn't talk to anyone.
By the next day the sensation was almost gone, so I never called a doctor.

It took 2 weeks of this before I even thought to scheduled an appointment.
This is a pretty typical example.

So that's it. 
That's something that I do that annoys people.
One of many, I'm sure.

What is something that you do that people roll their eyes about?

1 comment:

Danie said...

Lol... this made me laugh because I have so done this before. I think most of us have whether we admit it or not ;).

Mine would be that I probably "don't put up with people's bs" a little too well. My mom says she taught me way too well to not let people run over me. My hubby appreciates this in me though and says he wishes he could do it as well as I can sometimes.