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March 21, 2012

What's One of Your Weekly Traditions?

My entire immediate family lives in the same town.
Well, SIL lives about 20 minutes away.  
And Jake's dad, who lives at the lake.

Something that is a tradition with our family is Sunday.
Sunday is family day.
Sunday morning, I go to church. 
Usually MIL and SFIL are there.
Every once in a blue moon Twin and WK are there.
Sometimes it's just me, by myself.
I enjoy it, no matter who I'm with. 

After church is brunch.
I meet up with my parents, Big sis, B-Rad and Paisley.
Sometimes BW and Big Bro come with JJ.
Every once in a while my uncle meets us.

I love it. 
I get the afternoon to myself.
When Jake is home we generally get a mid day nap in.

Then it's off to MIL's for dinner.
This is when we get to see SIL, Math and Noah as well as Oma and her husband.
Most of the time Twin and WK come with Gabe.
I also get to see SFIL's girls.
They're sweet.
JL is his youngest and is graduating from high school this year.
BL is around the same age as SIL, and is in a very serious relationship.
We're expecting a proposal soon.

By the time we are out of there it's late.

I love it.
Call me a family time glutton.

What about you? 
Is there something that you selfishly enjoy once a week?

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