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March 8, 2012

Theirs/Mine: Wall Gallery

This happened back in November... I just never got around to showing you all.
I have been on Pinterest for almost a year now.
When I first got on I saw this lovely picture and couldn't get over how cool and nonchalant the TV looked.

I had a TON of black picture frames and knew that this was something I could pull off.
I bought a few more frames from garage sales and thrift stores and spray painted them black.
Here is the result.

It's a mixture of families.
 This side is mostly us with a little of the G's pictures thrown in.
 This side is mostly the G's family with a touch of us thrown in.
You can't see it because of the glare, but under the "R and G" frame is a picture of KG and me. 

(The R and G frame isn't staying... It was just a 5 minute thing that we played with because KG has a Cricut machine...)

It isn't perfect, due to not measuring everything out...
We just held up a picture, marked it, and nailed it on.
I don't think the beer had anything to do with it.
I've learned my lesson... 
And it doesn't look awful.

What do you think?
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Anyone do a Pinterest craft this week?


Phil and Darby Hawley said...

This looks so awesome Erin! I really like what you did! This series is a great idea too; I can't wait to see your other projects :-)

Grammy Goodwill said...

I have a gallery wall, but mine is of Va Tech football pictures. I need to plan it better. Right now they're all in a row. I like yours much better.