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March 26, 2012

The Result of a Mushy Brain

So this week I started my new job.
It's always interesting learning how to operate in a new environment.
Last week I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to continue to work at my old job while getting paid my new salary and receiving benefits and such.
I spent the time trying to finish every possible thing in my old job while attending training session for my new job. 
I have a whole new computer system that I'm trying to master...
Not to mention a crazy phone system...

I'm overwhelmed, for sure.
I'm very glad that I chose to write so many posts ahead of time... 
Yay for saving my blogging sanity while going completely out of my mind in my new job.
Let's just call the cohesiveness of this post my the information overload that is leaking out of my ears.

I'm alive. 
That's important.
My very-very mild dyslexia is also kicking in hard core.
Now it's just one 'very'.
Coupled with brain exhaustion.
And the regular kind of exhaustion.

Has anyone else not quite gotten the hang of the time change that happened 2 weeks ago?
Am I alone in my body staying up till midnight and protesting the 6am alarm?

I may be sleep deprived.
But I'm happy spring is here!!!!!

Yay for opening windows and turning off the heat.
(Boo for Asher thinking it's OK to whisper bark at people putting their trashcans out in the morning before I'm supposed to be awake.)
Yay for blogging on the back porch.
Yay for flowers!
Yay for kids selling mulch.
Yay for fresh air.
Yay for no more jackets.

Yay for spring!

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