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March 19, 2012

Putting Together a Military Care Package

With my husband currently in Afghanistan, I've sent quite a few care packages since he left country in October.
At first they were awkward and full of things he didn't realize that he needed.
Extra shaving cream.
A flash drive.
A workout band for his iPod.

Now that things have settled and the holiday craziness is over I've gotten into these care packages.
Sure I send the care packages that are stuffed to the brim with food and random toiletries.
But it's the little extra things that I enjoy adding.

One day I sat at work and used an entire post-it note stack to write out each little thing that I love about him.
I send him fun little things like pez dispensers, OSU fan memorabilia, little animals that grow in water, coloring books and travel sized games.

I just wanted to give you a glimpse into my general box preparation.

I ordered boxes from the postal service and they were delivered to my door. 
Talk about service.
Now because the boxes are being shipped out of the country, you can't have the boxes picked up... 
You have to actually go to the post office and drop them off because they want to make sure they observe whoever is sending the boxes to the troops.
No biggie.
I actually appreciate the extra safety measure.

I set up my boxes.
One for the essentials.
One for fun things.

Then I go out shopping.
The dollar store is THE BEST for this stuff.
Asher always double checks the goods.
I get the usual.
His preferred power bars.
His favorite snack of all time.
Breakfast things.
Stuff that I think he should try, even though I know he probably just stuff it in the community pile in their clinic.
His favorite candy (but not too much because he 'is trying to eat healthier')

As I'm shopping I pick up silly totally random things.
 Things my 6 year old nephew would love.

Then I separate them and box them up.

Here are my boxes for this time.
My boxes are going to be too late for St. Patrick's  day (cause I'm a slacker) so I chose some random things.

Fun box:
a devotional
silly string
fake mustaches
his razor base (his razor has been dead for about a month because we didn't know if I should send it or not.)
baby wipes
an egg that truns into a turtle
some washcloths in the shape of a soccer ball
glow sticks
a little plastic ball gun

Then you try to stuff it into the tiny box over
 and over
 and over

 and over again...
Then you realize that you forgot his daily vitamins and you have to do it all over again.

Then there is the food box:
 It's a bunch of random.
protein bars
little camo Easter eggs
and the mandatory Chex Mix.
(This box is much easier to deal with.)

There you have it!


Phil and Darby Hawley said...

These are awesome Erin! Such a great wife!

Grammy Goodwill said...

I'm sure he's thrilled when these packages arrive. God bless him.

Cortney said...

I just sent Steve's first care package yesterday, I didn't know how much would fit in the box until I got to the post office and realized I could have fit so much more! I sent....

a towel (he only had 1)
Starburst jelly beans...his favorite
Easter little debbie cakes

I made sure and brought boxes home so I can stuff the next one to the point of busting! I see you had chocolate, does it make it to him ok without melting? Steve said he was told that chocolate didn't ship well but I know he's dying for some Reese cups lol