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March 12, 2012

Mi Casa (aka Who else doesn't look at the room before taking pictures?)

I've put it off long enough.
Things are going to take a while to get to the place where I like everything.
And even then I would be on the way to changing everything all over again.

Here is the 'new' place.

We've been here for 6 months and I still feel like we just moved in.

Ignore the messes. 
This is raw house people.

Living Room
(Asher had no idea what I was doing...)
(Can you see his confusion?)
(The spacing on the gallery wall looks way worse from this angle than it really is.)

(Not much to it... Hence only one picture.)

Main Floor Bathroom
(That is NOT the color)
(The picture is army related because Jake liked it... So this bathroom is staying green.)
*Le Sigh* 

(This is the actual color...Not that this is much better)

(My side is the one straight on. KG's is the side against the left wall...)
(Asher thought we were going to hang out for a while and started rubbing on the ottoman.)
(Please ignore the mess difference between KG's side and mine. This includes my sewing nook.)

Basement Bathroom
(That's literally how small it is...)

(I love the hallway's wallpaper... It's one of the reasons I pushed to get the place.)
(A girl needs a full length mirror)

My Bedroom
(Yeah... It looks like it belongs to a college student.)
(Jake is still in college, does that excuse it?)
(Ignore the puppy pads... At least they're clean.)
(Asher has the smallest bladder in the world and isn't good about making a fuss, waking me up, until after he pees... Maybe I'll post about that later...)
(Asher confused once again...)
(That's CLEAN laundry... Minus the jeans.)
(Box of puppy pads sticking out from under the bed.)
(Why didn't I clean my bedroom before I took pictures... Sometimes I question my judgement.)

Roommate's bedroom
(I didn't feel right taking pictures...)
 (The fact that she has a more pulled together room than I do has nothing to do with it.)

Upstairs Bathroom
 (Same ugly green as the downstairs bathroom...It just looks worse in here.)

So there you have it...
That is my house in all it's glory.
Which means you just saw a glimpse of me and my life.

House projects to come.
(I'm determined to make it look like adults live here.)


Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Thanks for the tour!!! I love the pictures that Asher snuck into :-)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Looks like you guys have a lot of room! I like the floors in the kitchen and your upstairs bathroom accessories! Cute!