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March 16, 2012

The End of an Era, And a Job

Today marks my very last day in the shop.
For 6 years I've held the same job. 
Secretary and assistant to the building supervisor. 
Aka: Maintenance Shop Chick.

My dad is the manager for the shop.
It was my sister's job before me and she worked here for 5 years. 
Then she passed the reigns to me.
That's over 10 years of one of my family members sitting in this chair.
Well, not this exact chair...
my first chair was from the 50's and mustard yellow.
It went perfectly with the sea foam green cubicle divider walls.


Starting Monday I will be in my new position. 
Thankfully I will be in the same building, therefore there I only have to learn my department's job, not the entire building.
You see, I will be a front desk receptionist to the Dentistry building.
That means I'm the first face patients will see when they walk into the building asking for directions or checking in for their appointment. 

So goodbye windowless basement office.
Goodbye dirty concrete floor.
Goodbye wires and pipes and nasty belt fans running all day long.
Goodbye million year old shredder.
Goodbye discarded office chairs.
Goodbye creepy CPR dummies.
Goodbye walkie talkies.
Goodbye ladders.
Goodbye jeans and tee shirts 
(Anything else would get ruined by grease or building materials.)
Goodbye paper system and outdated computer system.
Goodbye package materials and WD40. 

I'm really sad to leave this place. 
It's so comfortable.
But this phase in my life is over.
It's time to move on and move up!

Hello first floor.
Hello new office chairs.
Hello windows.
Hello phone system with a headset.
Hello coffee shop that is only 20 feet away.
Hello business clothes.
Hello heels.
Hello coherent computer system.
Hello color coordinating decor.
Hello office supplies that are younger than 6 years.
Hello girls in the office.

I'll give you a real update once things settle down in my new job.
Wish me luck!


Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Hello Change! Congrats on the new position; I can't wait to hear about how your first day goes :-)

Nikki said...

Sounds like it should be a lot of fun. Very exciting. Good luck.

stringsandbuttons said...

That sounds very exciting! Nothing like a new job- congrats! Thanks for coming by earlier and for your sweet note! Your newest follower here and can't wait for your next post! x