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March 29, 2012

Theirs/Mine: Earring Frame

I saw this beauty on Pinterest and NEEDED it for myself!

I took a trip to Home Depot and found some of this great sheet metal, found a fab frame and went to work.


I love it! I'm working on tracking down some frames to put on either side of it so it's not so lonely.
What do you think?
Anyone re-create a Pinterest pin this week?

March 28, 2012

Sometimes Something Small Can Make a HUGE Difference

My sister has a little boy who attends her church, his name is Fred Drew.
Fred is in JJ's Sunday school class and they fit together like two peas in a pod.
Fred has a very rare bone marrow defect.
It's called Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA).

Later in April, Fred is traveling to Seattle, WA for a bone marrow transplant.
It's a chance at a full new life. 

The thing is, insurance is covering everything but $75,000 of the procedure and travel expenses.
That's where you come in.
Please check out the donation website.
Donate and help Fred.

Also, if you live in the central Ohio area feel free to come to his fundraising birthday party.
Click the link for more information.
It sounds like it is going to be a really fun event.

Pray for Fred.
He's so charming and full of life...
Everything a 5 year old should be.

March 27, 2012

The Difference a Clean Carpet Makes

I promised you a post about my pup troubles.
Asher isn't completely housebroken yet.
(Pause for dramatic gasps and muffled talking)

Yeah, that's right. 
He's not completely house broken.
Asher's defeated face (he's really sleeping)
However, he has made significant progress since we moved into the new apartment.
He now only uses puppy pads at night.
During the day he is in his kennel.
In the evening he is with me and wherever I am, he is either taken out every 2 hours (or whenever he starts to get very mouthy or loud, which means 'take me out!')
At night he sleeps in bed with me.
(You try putting up with his crazy Iggy lungs for an hour plus every other hour. Yikes.)

Throughout the night he will extract himself from the covers, most times without my knowledge, and proceed to pee on the puppy pads that are laid out for him to use.
Sometimes I wake up to one mess.
Other times there are as many as 4.
I know what you're thinking.
Seriousally?! He got up 4 times to pee!?
I don't know what's up with him. 
Sometimes it's like he wakes up, and because he was already up he decided that peeing was a good idea.
At least he knows what a puppy pad is for.
I don't even want to be a sobbing mess get into a spiel about the litter pan not working.
I'm bitter, and we'll leave it at that.

Well on top of this completely unfathomable idea of not being house broken Asher has another issue.
Lets call it an aim issue.
Yeah, you read that right.

Asher has no aim.
Let me give you examples to prove what a complete nincompoop the boy is.
Yes I just said nincompoop.

Picture this:
Asher leans on the lamp pole/hydrant he is peeing on.
Asher, twisting his body and peeing completely sideways.
Asher, stumbling sometimes when trying to lift his leg.
Asher peeing on himself.
Me being completely disgusted by Asher's pee leg.
Me, actually purchasing wipes specifically for cleaning Asher's pee leg.

Now imagine his aiming issues on previousally discussed puppy pads.
In the middle of the night.

Did I mention that Asher has a history of sleep walking?
Ask KG.
Evident'y they both get up in the middle of the night to pee...
And sometimes Asher stands in the middle of my doorway...


I'm got the carpets cleaned this weekend!
Imagine, if you can, my complete an utter adoration for the two people that showed up to steam clean my bedroom, as well as the rest of the house.
But mainly my bedroom.

Jake would be embarrassed if he were home.
Crying over a clean carpet just isn't normal.

Can anyone relate?
Even just a little bit?

March 26, 2012

The Result of a Mushy Brain

So this week I started my new job.
It's always interesting learning how to operate in a new environment.
Last week I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to continue to work at my old job while getting paid my new salary and receiving benefits and such.
I spent the time trying to finish every possible thing in my old job while attending training session for my new job. 
I have a whole new computer system that I'm trying to master...
Not to mention a crazy phone system...

I'm overwhelmed, for sure.
I'm very glad that I chose to write so many posts ahead of time... 
Yay for saving my blogging sanity while going completely out of my mind in my new job.
Let's just call the cohesiveness of this post my the information overload that is leaking out of my ears.

I'm alive. 
That's important.
My very-very mild dyslexia is also kicking in hard core.
Now it's just one 'very'.
Coupled with brain exhaustion.
And the regular kind of exhaustion.

Has anyone else not quite gotten the hang of the time change that happened 2 weeks ago?
Am I alone in my body staying up till midnight and protesting the 6am alarm?

I may be sleep deprived.
But I'm happy spring is here!!!!!

Yay for opening windows and turning off the heat.
(Boo for Asher thinking it's OK to whisper bark at people putting their trashcans out in the morning before I'm supposed to be awake.)
Yay for blogging on the back porch.
Yay for flowers!
Yay for kids selling mulch.
Yay for fresh air.
Yay for no more jackets.

Yay for spring!

March 22, 2012

Theirs/Mine: Shower Curtain Hooks

I saw this on Pinterest and decided that since my metal shower curtain hooks were scraping on my metal shower curtain rod and causing my ears to bleed, that I would be doing this, but completely replacing the metal hooks with ribbon..

My old curtain hooks matched my curtain. They were metal and completely killed KG and my ears when ever we stepped in or out of the shower.


AH! I love it! It's so cute and classy. 

Anyone re-create a Pinterest pin this week?

March 21, 2012

What's One of Your Weekly Traditions?

My entire immediate family lives in the same town.
Well, SIL lives about 20 minutes away.  
And Jake's dad, who lives at the lake.

Something that is a tradition with our family is Sunday.
Sunday is family day.
Sunday morning, I go to church. 
Usually MIL and SFIL are there.
Every once in a blue moon Twin and WK are there.
Sometimes it's just me, by myself.
I enjoy it, no matter who I'm with. 

After church is brunch.
I meet up with my parents, Big sis, B-Rad and Paisley.
Sometimes BW and Big Bro come with JJ.
Every once in a while my uncle meets us.

I love it. 
I get the afternoon to myself.
When Jake is home we generally get a mid day nap in.

Then it's off to MIL's for dinner.
This is when we get to see SIL, Math and Noah as well as Oma and her husband.
Most of the time Twin and WK come with Gabe.
I also get to see SFIL's girls.
They're sweet.
JL is his youngest and is graduating from high school this year.
BL is around the same age as SIL, and is in a very serious relationship.
We're expecting a proposal soon.

By the time we are out of there it's late.

I love it.
Call me a family time glutton.

What about you? 
Is there something that you selfishly enjoy once a week?

March 20, 2012

Review: Bobble BPA Free Water Bottle

I'm not being paid to do this review...
(I wouldn't mind though.)
Here is my honest opinion.
Straight up.

I got one of these little beauties for my birthday from Big Bro.
I have the light purple filter right now.

Info from the Bobble website

bobble is a stylish, reusable bottle that filters water as you drink, using an ingenious replaceable carbon filter. When water passes through the filter, the carbon removes chlorine and organic contaminants. bobble is intended for municipal tap water making water better, with every sip.
bobble is a beautiful, sleek alternative to single-serve plastic water bottles, which harm the earth (and your wallet). Every filter equates to 300 single-serve bottles. After a year, you’ve removed thousands of bottles from the environment, simply by filtering the water from your tap. bobble is free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC. And it is guilt-free as well.

The medium size is about the same size as the water bottles that you can buy by the case.
It's cute.
You can choose any color filter you want.
The contouring bottle shape is easy to hold.
The plastic is pretty substantial, so the contour shape makes it easier to squeeze, which is necessary.
I LOVE the cap. If I ever loose it (which I probably will) I will cry, then go buy a new filter immediately.

The lid is a little noisy while your drinking. I wouldn't take it to a meeting or a movie theatre.
I had to go through about two bottles of water before the filter stopped making the water taste funny.

A little tip.
Just because the lid is on, doesn't mean that it won't leak if the top is popped and you are shaking it.

My husband likes to buy water by the case-full. This is nice and all, but I'm the one who feels guilty every time I see a water bottle go into the trash.
(Our complex doesn't recycle. Jerks.)
I keep my water bottle at work due to little pup snipers who likes to pull things out of purses and chow on them.
Since they come in  a size smaller than the one that I have, I think it's genius for teaching your kids that 'keeper' water bottles are cool.
Yay for saving the earth!

I love it.
Go get one.
(If you do, let me know what you think! Check out my Facebook and Twitter)

March 19, 2012

Putting Together a Military Care Package

With my husband currently in Afghanistan, I've sent quite a few care packages since he left country in October.
At first they were awkward and full of things he didn't realize that he needed.
Extra shaving cream.
A flash drive.
A workout band for his iPod.

Now that things have settled and the holiday craziness is over I've gotten into these care packages.
Sure I send the care packages that are stuffed to the brim with food and random toiletries.
But it's the little extra things that I enjoy adding.

One day I sat at work and used an entire post-it note stack to write out each little thing that I love about him.
I send him fun little things like pez dispensers, OSU fan memorabilia, little animals that grow in water, coloring books and travel sized games.

I just wanted to give you a glimpse into my general box preparation.

I ordered boxes from the postal service and they were delivered to my door. 
Talk about service.
Now because the boxes are being shipped out of the country, you can't have the boxes picked up... 
You have to actually go to the post office and drop them off because they want to make sure they observe whoever is sending the boxes to the troops.
No biggie.
I actually appreciate the extra safety measure.

I set up my boxes.
One for the essentials.
One for fun things.

Then I go out shopping.
The dollar store is THE BEST for this stuff.
Asher always double checks the goods.
I get the usual.
His preferred power bars.
His favorite snack of all time.
Breakfast things.
Stuff that I think he should try, even though I know he probably just stuff it in the community pile in their clinic.
His favorite candy (but not too much because he 'is trying to eat healthier')

As I'm shopping I pick up silly totally random things.
 Things my 6 year old nephew would love.

Then I separate them and box them up.

Here are my boxes for this time.
My boxes are going to be too late for St. Patrick's  day (cause I'm a slacker) so I chose some random things.

Fun box:
a devotional
silly string
fake mustaches
his razor base (his razor has been dead for about a month because we didn't know if I should send it or not.)
baby wipes
an egg that truns into a turtle
some washcloths in the shape of a soccer ball
glow sticks
a little plastic ball gun

Then you try to stuff it into the tiny box over
 and over
 and over

 and over again...
Then you realize that you forgot his daily vitamins and you have to do it all over again.

Then there is the food box:
 It's a bunch of random.
protein bars
little camo Easter eggs
and the mandatory Chex Mix.
(This box is much easier to deal with.)

There you have it!

March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

(Asher in his festive shirt)

I hope you all have an awesome holiday!

March 16, 2012

The End of an Era, And a Job

Today marks my very last day in the shop.
For 6 years I've held the same job. 
Secretary and assistant to the building supervisor. 
Aka: Maintenance Shop Chick.

My dad is the manager for the shop.
It was my sister's job before me and she worked here for 5 years. 
Then she passed the reigns to me.
That's over 10 years of one of my family members sitting in this chair.
Well, not this exact chair...
my first chair was from the 50's and mustard yellow.
It went perfectly with the sea foam green cubicle divider walls.


Starting Monday I will be in my new position. 
Thankfully I will be in the same building, therefore there I only have to learn my department's job, not the entire building.
You see, I will be a front desk receptionist to the Dentistry building.
That means I'm the first face patients will see when they walk into the building asking for directions or checking in for their appointment. 

So goodbye windowless basement office.
Goodbye dirty concrete floor.
Goodbye wires and pipes and nasty belt fans running all day long.
Goodbye million year old shredder.
Goodbye discarded office chairs.
Goodbye creepy CPR dummies.
Goodbye walkie talkies.
Goodbye ladders.
Goodbye jeans and tee shirts 
(Anything else would get ruined by grease or building materials.)
Goodbye paper system and outdated computer system.
Goodbye package materials and WD40. 

I'm really sad to leave this place. 
It's so comfortable.
But this phase in my life is over.
It's time to move on and move up!

Hello first floor.
Hello new office chairs.
Hello windows.
Hello phone system with a headset.
Hello coffee shop that is only 20 feet away.
Hello business clothes.
Hello heels.
Hello coherent computer system.
Hello color coordinating decor.
Hello office supplies that are younger than 6 years.
Hello girls in the office.

I'll give you a real update once things settle down in my new job.
Wish me luck!

Grey Jeans

March 15, 2012

Theirs/Mine: DIY Mod Podge

I decided that since I will be crafting quite a bit more, I needed some Mod Podge. I went to my local craft store and was astounded by how expensive it was.
For glue?

Then I remembered seeing a DIY on Pinterest for it.
Cheaper craft supplies? 
Yes please.

I took a newly cleaned mason jar from my cabinet.
(Thanks Oma, the apple butter was amazing!)
I used the 1:1 ratio of glue and water.

Yes the wine bottle in the background was necessary for this crafty moment.
Glue and water 
my glue to water ratio was 2:1.8
My jar was a bit full.
I had to stir it with a ca-bob skewer.
Don't judge me.
(HA! No, I really looked ridiculous. skewer in one hand, cup of wine in the other...I'm classy, what can I say?)

Crafts to come!
The ideas are flooding in!

Anyone create something from Pinterest this week?
Let me know on Facebook or Twitter!

March 14, 2012

What's You're One Hangup?

What is the one thing that people actually complain about when it comes to you?
Your most annoying trait?

Well you know how my mom is a nurse?
I think that I take that a little too much to heart.
You see, I'm a chronic self diagnosing hypochondriac.

Me - feeling something out of whack.
(Last week, swollen tonsils.) 
I Google it.
I avoid WebMD so that I can't be considered 'that person'.
I read posts by other people looking online for a diagnosis for their funkiness.
(health funkiness, not mad style funkiness)
I then weigh all my options and choose the one that fits the best.

With my throat, I first chose a cold.
Then strep.
 I finally settled on acid reflux, even though I only suffered from it for a total of one day.
The day after, I told my entire family that I was having acid reflux issues
(this included a semi-melodramatic post on facebook) 
I decided that since I wasn't having any heartburn issues, and that the swelling was kinda moving around in my throat, that acid reflux wasn't it.
(Big Sis asking, for the um-teenth time, if I was sure that I wasn't pregnant had nothing to do with it.)

The next day I decided that it was a little more like severe seasonal allergies.
Listen, my uvula (the little hangy-downey thing in your throat) was feeling weird and swollen...
And by feeling weird, I mean that I could actually feel it in my throat.
I've never felt like this before.
I told Big Sis at lunch....
She told me that I just needed my tonsils taken out.
I don't think that's any way to solve a problem.

Later that day I started thinking that it was an infection...
You see, when this all started I had been taking my hair, skin, and nail vitamins and one got lodged in my throat for a second...
Maybe my throat was reacting, or something.
Like scar tissue or a big scratch.
Or maybe the pill was still there.
Or maybe it was related to my PMS? (I knew that one was a stupid guess)
Maybe it was a food allergy?!

It was going on week two at that point.
Nothing hurt... I just hated feeling like I had something stuck in my throat all the time. 

By Wednesday I finally broke down and tried to schedule an appointment.
It was after the doctors hours so I didn't talk to anyone.
By the next day the sensation was almost gone, so I never called a doctor.

It took 2 weeks of this before I even thought to scheduled an appointment.
This is a pretty typical example.

So that's it. 
That's something that I do that annoys people.
One of many, I'm sure.

What is something that you do that people roll their eyes about?

March 13, 2012

Youtube, What Did I Ever Do To You? (aka Asher and I get Bored)

So you know how I was talking about getting healthier?
This is something that I have actually been doing.
Sometimes Asher has moments.
It's almost like a toddler temper tantrum...
Or when they go ape poopy cray.
(you like that adult styled word supplementation?)
This is what Asher and I do in those times.

First, I ask you to comment and let me know what you think the thumbnail says about this video.
Caption it if you will...
Then you have my permission to watch it.

Did you comment?
OK, then

Check my out on Facebook and Twitter

March 12, 2012

Mi Casa (aka Who else doesn't look at the room before taking pictures?)

I've put it off long enough.
Things are going to take a while to get to the place where I like everything.
And even then I would be on the way to changing everything all over again.

Here is the 'new' place.

We've been here for 6 months and I still feel like we just moved in.

Ignore the messes. 
This is raw house people.

Living Room
(Asher had no idea what I was doing...)
(Can you see his confusion?)
(The spacing on the gallery wall looks way worse from this angle than it really is.)

(Not much to it... Hence only one picture.)

Main Floor Bathroom
(That is NOT the color)
(The picture is army related because Jake liked it... So this bathroom is staying green.)
*Le Sigh* 

(This is the actual color...Not that this is much better)

(My side is the one straight on. KG's is the side against the left wall...)
(Asher thought we were going to hang out for a while and started rubbing on the ottoman.)
(Please ignore the mess difference between KG's side and mine. This includes my sewing nook.)

Basement Bathroom
(That's literally how small it is...)

(I love the hallway's wallpaper... It's one of the reasons I pushed to get the place.)
(A girl needs a full length mirror)

My Bedroom
(Yeah... It looks like it belongs to a college student.)
(Jake is still in college, does that excuse it?)
(Ignore the puppy pads... At least they're clean.)
(Asher has the smallest bladder in the world and isn't good about making a fuss, waking me up, until after he pees... Maybe I'll post about that later...)
(Asher confused once again...)
(That's CLEAN laundry... Minus the jeans.)
(Box of puppy pads sticking out from under the bed.)
(Why didn't I clean my bedroom before I took pictures... Sometimes I question my judgement.)

Roommate's bedroom
(I didn't feel right taking pictures...)
 (The fact that she has a more pulled together room than I do has nothing to do with it.)

Upstairs Bathroom
 (Same ugly green as the downstairs bathroom...It just looks worse in here.)

So there you have it...
That is my house in all it's glory.
Which means you just saw a glimpse of me and my life.

House projects to come.
(I'm determined to make it look like adults live here.)