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February 23, 2012

My Parent's Family Room

Anyone else think of their parent's house as 'Home Base'?
That's how my family has labeled my parent's house.

For my mom's birthday my dad and I sneakily fixed up the back room.

Forgive the walls. My dad wanted to go for a 'barn look' a few years ago...
He thought it looked rustic.
I don't hate it.... 
(I hate it)
No I don't. It kinda looks like the inside of a boat.
It's just.... Interesting.....
Just like my entire family.

*Focus, Erin*

For Mom's birthday we decided to fix up the fireplace shelves and rearrange the family room!!! 


It's like my parent's life and my sister's life squashed together.
(the 2 couches and buckets of toys everywhere can attest to that.)

What we did:
Scrubbed bricks
Removed everything from shelves
Wiped everything down
Installed TV wall mount (yay masonry work!)
Moved TV
Moved media cabinet
Cleaned all toys
Moved furniture

How I cleaned the bricks:
Dawn dish soap and warm water.
 Another option
foaming bathroom cleaner.

Really cool stuff I found:
(it's like an I Spy book.)
Real snow shoes
Sweet oil lamps
Geos, shells, starfish, coral and sand dollars by the bucket full.
A toy sewing machine
Books from the 1800's
Antique toy cannon
A mold of my grandma's baby shoes (the gold ones)
My parent's and grandparents yearbooks
More board games than I ever knew we had.


It's still a work in progress with the stuff by the entry...
What do you think?
Noticeable change?
It's hard to change a house that we've been in for 21 years without spending more than $100...
I'm just glad that my mom likes and appreciated it.

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Crystal said...

I like it. I notice a difference, but I live there.