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February 8, 2012

Inside my head

I just want to give you a little insight into what I think in specific situations.
Let me know if any of these beauties hit a chord.

Example 1:

You sing.
All the time.
Real songs.
Made up songs.
Sometimes you fake opera sing because it 'doesn't sound that bad'.
A lot of the time you sing to your pets.
Most of your made up jingles start with, 'I don't like' or 'Please.'
'I don't like this TV show'
'I don't think that's very nice.'
'I don't want to go potty in a public restroom.'
'Please stop barking at me.'
'Please clean up your mess.'
'Please don't tickle me.'
'Please make me a sandwich.'

Example 2:
You look at a celebrity online and like the outfit their wearing.
You make a blog post about that outfit.
You try to recreate said outfit.
You get sad when no one comments on your creatively (celebrity) styled outfit.
Rinse and repeat.

Example 3:
You see yourself as a complete nerd.
Your immediate family know's your nerd status.
When you're around other people, including in-laws, you try to play it cool... Which just ends up with you not talking as much as normal.
Actually you don't do much as a whole.
It doesn't always work because sometimes you say something you think is totally normal, and all of a sudden everyone is looking at you with this 'was she serious?' face.
It's a not quite amused type of serious face like you would hope for.

Example 4:
When the door bell rings, in complete seriousness, you try doing a split leap as you make your way to the door.
This also happens at work, when no one is looking.
As well as over puddles outside... You don't even care if someone is looking.

Example 5:
You sometimes cry during really ridiculous movies.
And commercials.
And YouTube videos.
Like this one of Kristen Bell on the Ellen Show.
(It's so sweet that she's so excited!)

Example 6:

You are in a book store. You see a woman who seems to have her life put together.
Her hair is beautiful.
Her heels are fabulous.
Her purse is adorable.
Her stroller matches her ensemble.
You think to yourself, "I hope I'm that put together once I have kids'.
You suddenly find yourself looking at the same book she just picked up and took to the register.
The same goes for clothing stores, coffee shops and gyms.
It's like you think you can get 'what she has' via osmosis.

Example 7:
You steal small aspects of the people around you who are closest to you and in some way, shape or form.
Style choices.
Book choices.
Technology choices.
Hair style choices.
Phrase choices.
Writing style.
Music preference.
Movie preference.
Activity choices.
Then you cram all of you're little pickings and choosings together and pray that it makes a complete 'You'.

Example 8:
When you're by yourself you randomly say what you're thinking out loud to make sure that you don't sound crazy.
You say it in about 5 different ways before you realize that you sound crazy mainly because you're talking to yourself.

Example 9:
You sing songs from musicals all the time... And pretend like you're in the musical.
In the car.
In your house.
In the shower.
It's similar to the idea of pretending you're in your own music video...
Which you also do.

Example 10:
You, quite often, have half a conversation in your head and bring your company into it only when a response is necessary.
Or you go back to a topic, exactly where you left off, 4 topics later.

To me, things like this happen all the time.


Phil and Darby Hawley said...

These are funny, because they are extremely familiar! lol

Crystal said...

Are you in my head right now!