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February 17, 2012

The Army Frustrates Me

Well this morning Jake messaged me on Facebook and told me that a guy in his unit was promoted to sergeant.
This is an interesting development because back in October we found out that Jake's promotional points were missing...
Not a few points.
All of them.
I'm talking years worth of promotional points were missing.

Jake was angry, rightfully so, and complained and tried to get the paperwork straightened out.
As of today things were still messed up.
He had many, many more points than who was promoted.
The guy who got promoted isn't even deployed... He's in Ohio.
It's hard.

The other part of this mini rant is that Jake has been given more responsibility than his rank calls for.
He is an E4 (specialist) at the moment.
It's hard because he is the only Rad tech who is deployed with the unit now. Yet he is not NCOIC (non-commissioned officer in charge, anything above specialist) over radiology for the deployment...
How is the NCOIC of radiology for the unit going to oversee Jake and his job from Ohio?

All this aside.
Jake is a specialist who is responsible and reliable.
When his NCO left with the drawback that happened in December, Jake was given his additional side jobs.
He was placed in charge of the PT testing. 
That means he is who runs the PT test prep for the entire unit, even his higher-ups.
He was also made fire marshal for the unit last week.

1st SGT and CPT encouraged all the soldiers deploying to take classes while they were overseas. 
Now chance would have it that Jake is the only person in the entire deployed unit who is still a full time student on this deployment. 
Others were, but dropped their classes.
With the addition of the fire marshal duties, Jake has had to drop one of his classes, which takes away his full time status.
Funny that the unit was so adamant about schooling during deployment, yet the one soldier who is trying to do just that can't complete his classwork because he is being assigned more and more duties.
Without any promotion in sight.

We're in need of some prayers.
Patients, grace, contentment.... Any prayers you can think of we'll take.
And I'm in need of some wine.

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